Q. Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

A. Depending on the area of the body and your personal pain tolerance, it can be a little uncomfortable.  We will make sure to have the proper equipment to help ease as much pain as possible, including a Zimmer Cryo unit that cools the area being treated.  Most people are amazed at how little it hurt after their procedure.


Q. How many sessions will it take to complete my procedure?

A. This involves many factors.  The age of your tattoo, colors, the tattoo artists work, how many cover-ups there are, etc.  After a consultation, we will be able to answer this question more clearly for you, although it is never definite.  The average black, lettered tattoo will take approximately 5 treatments.

 Q. How does the laser work?

A. We are “shattering the ink” in your tattoo with a laser.  This ink then absorbed into your body and flushed out.

Q. What type of aftercare is involved?

A. We ask that you keep the treated area covered for 3 days while applying antibiotic ointment or Aquaphor.  Showers are okay, but bathing or swimming is not. Most of the time, the treated area is okay to be exposed after 3 days.

Q. Is there any safety protection required?

A. Yes, we will provide you with special glasses to protect your eyes while in treatment.

Q. What type of laser are you using?

A. A Q-Switched laser the produces short pulses of light energy. LEARN MORE

Q. How can I help with the removal of my tattoo?

A. Exercise, plenty of fluids, follow aftercare instructions and massaging the area will help with the healing, recovery and best out-come of your treatments