What is a accidental or traumatic tattoo?
Accidental or traumatic tattoos are caused by accidental forceful penetration of the skin with particles of foreign matter. The skin heals over the object and results in a traumatic tattoo. This can include pencil lead, dirt, sand, grease, paint, grass, metal, gunpowder, wood, and asphalt (aka: road rash).

Car, motorcycle, and bicycle accident victims commonly have these kind of tattoos. In most cases these can be removed successfully in 1 to 2 treatments.

Female client who acquired a tattoo after burning her hand on an exhaust pipe. This left a dark line on her finger that would not wash off or go away over several years. Now as a new bride to be, she wanted her hands to look good for the wedding pictures. The area was numbed prior to the laser removal for her comfort. We saw an immediate result. She is happy and so are we.

An accidental tattoo can be very small or more severe depending on the accident and the heat source that caused the tattoo.  Give us a call if you have an accidental tattoo that needs to be removed.