North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal also offers Laser Skin Aesthetic Services: Laser Rejuvenation, Age & Sun Spot agespot3Removal, Unwanted Pigment Removal.

North Houston Laser tattoo removal use ones of the world’s most advanced skin treatment lasers, which is highly effective at not only removing tattoos and a wide range of skin discolorations but can also create more youthful appearing skin – with no needles, potions, lotions, or pills!

What is Skin Rejuvenation & Why Would I Use It?

For most people, as they age they start noticing  wrinkles, and bags forming- especially on the face. While there are many options out there to try and counteract the signs of aging, we at Vanish think non-surgical laser treatments are an excellent choice.

The Benefits of Laser Rejuvenation:

Achieve tightening and smoothing of the skin
Smoothing out of skin colorations/ decrease “spots” and acquired coloration uneveness
We recommend that younger people consider regular rejuvenations to help slow onset of wrinkles and crow’s feet
No introduction of foreign substances (like botulism) into your body
Regular treatments may help slow the loss of skin elasticity
Safe and FDA cleared for this procedure- so you know you’re not just purchasing a “sham” product
What Type of Skin Discolorations Can You Help Me With?

The following are an example of what North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal Pigmentation Removal can help you with as far as your skin coloration issues:

Age Spots
Sun Damage/ melasma
Port Wine Stains
Discolorations in the epidermis or dermis