Tattoo Removal Options

North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal offers complete removal, lightening, or partial removal of tattoos. An example of partial tattoo removal is removing a name inside of a tattoo banner, skillfully removing the name without disturbing the surrounding tattoo. See Before and Afters.

Partial Tattoo Removal

You may have a tattoo that had several parts and you want areas removed that may be exposed on your arms or neck.  You can have sections removed while leaving the majority of the tattoo still on your skin in the covered up areas under your shirt.  You may have full tattoo that has a name in the middle that you want removed, that can be done.

Lightening Tattoos

We encourage patients to consider lightening existing tattoos before applying a professional cover-up. Existing tattoosSteps to Tattoo Removal are often visible underneath a cover-up. Lightening your existing tattoo creates the opportunity for a perfect cover-up from your artist. We welcome input from your tattoo artist to best determine the level of lightness required for the best look of your body art.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal we will remove the entire tattoo or part of it and help with lightening your tattoo as needed.  We are here to help you fix what needs to be done to your tattoo.