Top Supernatural Tattoos

Tattoo Removal HoustonHalloween is a night to explore the realm of fantasy and magic. It’s where we can chuck the suit and skirt and be someone or something totally different. Tattoos are also a way for us to express our love of the supernatural. The website has put together a list of the top 50 tattoo designs. We thought it’d be interesting to find the top five supernatural themes that made the list. Here you go:

Number 4: Angels

Angels are beautiful, immortal, and strong. They also send important messages from God and occasionally smite sinners. No wonder so many people want to keep on the good side of these powerful creatures.

Number 7: Dragon

Dragons are ancient and powerful. They are found in a lot of mythology as well as some of the most popular fantasy stories, like The Hobbit, and The Song of Ice and Fire. As a tattoo, these stunning fire breathers can help instill power.

Number 8: Phoenix

There is something deeply moving about the story of a great, mythical bird that rose from the ashes. Anyone who has overcome a great tragedy or setback can relate to the phoenix. No wonder this is such a popular tattoo.

Number 10: Fairy

Beautiful, magical, and sometimes dangerous, fairies are definitely appealing for a variety of reasons. You can find fairy tattoos on a lot of women who want to invite a little magic into their lives.

Number 18: Skull

Skulls can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. To some, they are simply the recognition that death comes to us all, to others they’re cool and dangerous. Skulls also relate back to the supernatural. Many horror books, shows, and movies use skulls to ramp up their spookiness!

All of these supernatural creatures and themes can make for some great tattoos, but if you ever find that it’s time to remove your tattoo, supernatural or not, contact North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.

Deciding Where To Put Your Tattoo Could Have Big Consequences

For most people, the most important part of the tattoo decision-making process is what to have inked onto their skin. Tattoos are a permanent marking, so whatever you get, you’d better make sure you are willing to live with it for life; otherwise, you may be coming to us for tattoo laser removal services later!

Another big decision is where to place your tattoo on your body. This is important for many reasons. Chiefly, the area you choose will impact the pain you will experience during the procedure, since certain areas of the body are much more sensitive than others. Also, whether or not your tattoo is visible could affect how others judge you and even whether or not you get hired.

If you place a tattoo in a highly visible location, such as the face, neck or hands, you may be at a disadvantage when you sit down for a job interview. There are also many jobs that do not allow visible tattoos (including some major police departments), which could hurt your employment prospects further.

We’re not in any position to judge what type of tattoo you get or where you put it on your body. We do however, meet many people who later regretted getting highly visible tattoos. They come to us asking for tattoo laser removal, which costs time and money.