Ten Common Tattoo Designs

What are the most popular tattoo designs? We’re pretty sure there isn’t any data that actually tracks this information. However, based on our observations and consensus in the industry, below are ten of the most common tattoo designs that people request when they go under the needle.

Tribal Tattoos – Tribal tattoos are an appeal to the old world order of man vs. jungle. While most tattoos are just a basic black, many incorporate intricate designs that are very visually pleasing.

Butterfly Tattoos– Ladies seem to love the butterflies. You can usually find these colorful critters on shoulder blades, hips (front and back), ankles or at the center of a lower back tattoo. Butterflies are graceful and pretty insects; what girl wouldn’t want to connect to these traits (minus the insect part).

Cross Tattoos – Many Christians demonstrate the power of their faith by getting the cross etched permanently in their skin. Popular cross tattoo designs include Celtic crosses, the Maltese cross and the Iron cross.

Angel and Wings Tattoos – Recently, wings have been sprouting from many shoulder blades. Not real wings, of course, but tattooed wings. Some of the best examples are intricately etched and scale the subject’s entire back. Angels are also very common skin accessories for those who desire a religious connection.

Flower Tattoos – Another favorite of the ladies, flower tattoos are popping up on almost any area of the female body from shoulder blades, to wrists, hips, chest, ankles and calves. Flower tattoos provide beauty and color that will never wilt.

Mythological Tattoos – Mythological creatures like unicorns, dragons, fairies, phoenixes, and minotaurs all carry special meanings and a long, symbolic history that individuals seek to capture and repurpose for their own life’s journey.

Kanji Tattoos – Tattoos of Chinese characters have a lot of appeal. They are able to convey a profound message in a stylistic way that is much more attractive than tattooing a long phrase on the body. Also, unless you run into someone who is fluent in the language, the true meaning of the tattoo is known only to the wearer and the ones he or she shares it with.

Celtic Tattoos – Celtic knots and other Celtic designs are visually pleasing, add a note of historical relevance and can denote Irish ancestry.

Lion and Tiger Tattoos – Lions, Tigers, and…okay, not so much bears. Lion and Tiger tattoos show up a lot on men. These ferocious and deadly cats can represent power or just the wearer’s favorite sports team.

Hearts – Love spurs many a tattoo, and hearts are the most popular tattoo choice for lovers. Hearts tattoos usually represent a person (whether a romantic partner or a family member), a special event or anniversary or a departed loved one.

Next time you get a chance to people watch, look around and see how many of these popular tattoos you can find. We certainly see a lot in our laser tattoo removal clinic!

Military Tattoo Regulations

So you have made up your mind and have decided to serve your country and join the military, but the recruiter gives you some devastating news-your tattoo is preventing you from enlisting. Not to worry, you can still get the opportunity to serve, it is just going to take longer before you can enlist. Depending on what branch of service they you wish to join, your tattoos will be evaluated based on content, location of the tattoo and how many tattoos that you have.

Offensive Content- All five military branches have regulations based on the tattoos content. Tattoos deemed offensive based on gangs, violence, drugs or sex will not be accepted. The same applies for any tattoo that discriminates against race, sex, or religion.

Body Placement

Navy: The Navy allows multiple visible large tattoos on the arms and legs, they just can not be visible through dress whites. Tattoos are allowed on the hands, and you can have one tattoo on the neck as long as it is not larger than one inch. No tattoos on the face, scalp, or forehead.

ARMY: No tattoos allowed on the face, head, neck, or hands. Additionally, no tattoos in the mouth, ears, or eyelids.

Marines: No tattoos on the face, head, neck, or anywhere above the collarbone. Hands must be tattoo free except for a single tattoo on one finger no wider that 3/8 of an inch. No tattoos larger than your hand, and arm tattoos must be two inches below the elbow or one inch above the elbow. Half and full sleeves are not allowed. Tattoos on the legs can not be placed two above or below the knees.

Air Force: The Air Force will not allow anymore than twenty five percent of the exposed skin in any uniform to be covered with tattoos, and no tattoos are allowed on the face, neck, head, or scalp.

Coast Guard: No tattoos on the neck, head, face, and hands. Tattoos on the arms and legs is limited to twenty five percent based on a visual inspection.

North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal supports our military and your decision to serve. We offer military discounts and will work with you and your recruiter to get your tattoo removed to be compliant.

How long will it take before I see my tattoo fade?

How quickly that you notice results from laser tattoo removal varies greatly from person to person. Tattoos fade at varying rates due to a number of factors from the color of the inks to the customers immune system and many other reasons. In this day of instant gratification and same day amazon deliveries; laser tattoo removal can be frustrating due to the length of time that it takes.

In Most cases , fading can be seen within a few weeks after the first laser session. However, with very dense, high quality inks the initial fading can be minimal and often not noticed until compared to your “before” picture.

These slow to fade tattoos will begin to fade dramatically after a few sessions, and often friends and family even start to notice that your tattoo is starting to fade away. The customer in this photo had a co-worker tell her that she needed to get her tattoo touched up! Be patient, give it time, and you will eventually see results.

Getting Ready for Tattoo Removal

So the big day has arrived, you are about to begin the journey of laser tattoo removal. Here are a few tips to help things go smooth as possible:

  • Stay out of the sun– If you are a sun worshiper give your skin a break from tanning for a couple of weeks. If your skin is sunburned we will not be able to begin until your skin has healed.
  • Avoid topical creams and cosmetics– Do not use lotion, concealers, perfumes, etc. on the area of the tattoo. Make sure the area is freshly shaved and washed.
  • Wear comfortable clothes- Especially around the area where your tattoo is located. Tight clothing can increase swelling and cause discomfort afterwards.
  • No Ibuprofen or Aspirin- Ibuprofen(Advil) and Aspirin can thin the blood thereby increasing the chances of bruising and pin-point bleeding in the area being treated. If you prefer, Tylenol can be taken before and after your session.
  • Eat a Hershey Bar! Studies show, and my customers can attest that eating a Hershey’s bar on the way to your appointment helps with the pain of laser tattoo removal. Cacao, the ingredient in chocolate increases your endorphin and serotonin levels. Plus, it tastes good!

Getting Tattoos Versus Laser Tattoo Removal

Ever since ancient times, tribes have been piercing each other’s skin with ink to construct what we know now to be tattoos. They have been popular for quite some time now, although previously not in mainstream society. Nowadays, tattoos are a very common thing. People from all walks of life have gotten tattoos for various reasons- both meaningful and not. It has become quite a popular way for expressing one’s ideals, beliefs, traditions, sense of self, etc. But why?

Could it be that mainstream society has created a norm? A norm of inking one’s body? Perhaps one can say that this is true. But, if that many people are getting tattoos and considering it to be a societal norm, aren’t there just as many people that don’t agree that is it a “norm”? There must be. Those are the people who are against getting tattoos in general and the people who’ve gotten them and have realized that they regret it. Tattoos are no longer a thing of permanence. This is the future. It is no longer ancient tribal times. We now have things such as laser tattoo removal to make our lives easier; to make our lives more uncomplicated.




Tattoos are becoming less of a mainstream idea as conservatism returns to society at large. This conservatism comes from political parties, religion, and old traditions resurfacing, etc. Not getting them or getting them removed is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Tattoos are not acceptable in certain aspects of society such as the workplace, church, etc. Also, many people find that they regret the tattoos that they’ve gotten when they were young and naive and wish to get them removed. Therefore, laser tattoo removal has become more and more desirable. You can erase mistakes, fit into society better, and start over fresh.


Restaurant Servers Cover Tattoos

Recently it was noticed that a restaurant server had a wrap on his arm and it looked like he was in an Laser Tattoo Removalaccident or something, but no, he had a tattoo he had to cover up at his work. It seems like it would be better to have it removed to not have to wrap it to go to work. This is a perfect example of the rules that employers can have about how you show your tattoos.

If the company chooses to include rules that prohibit employees from having any visible tattoos and piercings, that can be written into the policy. Once written into the policy, it can stand as legal ground, and if violated the company can take whatever action that they need to remedy the problem. Many companies feel that they need these policies in place in order to protect the public image of the company. There are several cases that have made it to court in regards to body piercings, and tattoos.

There are many rules that are in place in restaurants and it is important if you want to get or keep a job that you follow the rules about Tattoo.  Best just to get them removed and North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal can help you do that in the best way possible.

Are Homemade Tattoos Easier To Remove?

Laser-Tattoo-RemovalWe’ve all been young, impulsive, and broke, so it’s no surprise that homemade tattoos are a popular phenomenon.

The upsides to homemade tattoos are that they are cheap and usually come with a good story. The downside, however, is that many people come to regret their homemade tattoos pretty quickly. Usually these tattoos are not notable for their skill, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories of words misspelled or objects so poorly drawn that a tattoo turns into a constant guessing game.

Luckily, some homemade tattoos come off readily with professional tattoo removal techniques. The easiest types of homemade tattoos to remove are those made using the needle prick method. This is where the design is drawn on your skin and a sterilized needle is used to make many small pricks in the skin. Ink is then smeared into the wounds. The ink in needle prick tattoos is usually close to the surface of your skin, which means the laser will easily be able to penetrate your dermis and break up the ink. Since less ink is typically used it also breaks up in fewer laser tattoo removal sessions.

Contact North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal to learn more about removing your homemade tattoo.

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Well, we take a scalpel and…just kidding! At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we get rid of your ink using good old fashioned science. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll assess your tattoo and provide you with an estimate on how many sessions you will likely need and what the approximate cost will be for the full treatment (see our previous blog posts on the cost and timing of laser tattoo removal).
On your first appointment, you’ll meet our Q-Switched laser, which is the main tool we use to get rid of your tattoo. We’ll give you special glasses to protect your eyes and then apply the laser to your tattoo.
The laser works by producing pulses of light energy. The light passes through your skin, hits the ink below and breaks up or “shatters” the ink. This doesn’t happen all at once. Clients may need to come in for multiple visits.
As the ink is shattered, your body will naturally absorb it and flush it out of your system. After each treatment, we ask that you keep the treated area covered for three days and regularly apply an antibiotic. We also strongly suggest that you avoid pools or baths, though showers are okay.
You should know that there are several different tattoo removal lasers on the market. Some of the lower-quality brands aren’t able to fully break own difficult tattoos. They don’t apply as much light energy and can’t reach the deep ink.
Lucky for you that at North Houston Laser Removal, we use the best laser possible, which means that when you sign on with us, your tattoo is as good as gone.
If you’re worried about the pain of the procedure or the cost, be sure to read our previous blog posts on those topics. If you still have questions about how our treatment works, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (281) 440-GONE. One of our friendly technicians would be happy to explain more or to help you schedule an initial consultation.