The First Step is Free to Tattoo Removal

Scan and CallYou have heard so many things about getting your tattoo removed and now you think it is time to find out the truth for yourself.   The first step is getting a consultation and that step is free.   You need to find out what it will take from your time and money to get that really bad tattoo removed permanently.

There are many reasons why people get the tattoo in the first place and then usually even better reasons why they want to get it removed.   You may only want to get part of a tattoo removed so you can have it redone.  Or an entire tattoo removed for work related reasons.   The best way is to call and set up a free consultation or you can to the request quote form and fill it out and send a picture,  Make sure it is a .jpg file and not super large so we can see what we need to look at

Definition of Tattoo Removal

Get Tattoo RemovedTattoo ink is placed beneath the top layer of skin. That makes tattoo removal more complicated  than the original tattoo application. If you’re no longer satisfied with your tattoo, however, tattoo removal might be possible.

Common procedures for tattoo removal include:

  • Laser surgery
  • Dermabrasion
  • Surgical removal

If you’re interested in tattoo removal, consult North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal about the options. Don’t attempt tattoo removal on your own. Do-it-yourself tattoo removal creams and other home treatments aren’t likely to be effective and can cause skin irritation or other reactions.

There are some risks:

Scarring is likely after most types of tattoo removal. Infection or skin discoloration is possible as well.