Lose That Tramp Stamp

Terrible tramp stamp

Ah the tramp stamp. These affectionately named lower back tattoos became popular with women in the early 2000’s, often accentuated with crop tops and low rise jeans. While this style of tattoo may have been popular 20 years ago, now its a painful reminder that the tramp stamp may have been styling when you were a 19 year old co-ed, but not so much anymore. Here’s some fun facts about tramp stamps.

  • The most common tramp stamp tattoos are tribal designs, stars, flowers, wings, dragons, and text tattoos
  • Other charming names for the tramp stamp include California license plate, slug tag, and bulls eye
  • While the majority of tramp stamp owners are women, there’s quite a few male celebrities that have gotten in on the fun including David Beckham, Antonio Sabato Jr (bonus, its the batman symbol), Brad Pitt, and Jake Gyllenhaall

Fortunately for Antonio Sabato Jr. and the rest of us tattoo removal technology has come a long way. Embarrassing tattoos now no longer need to be permanent reminders of trends long gone.