Older Tattoos Remove More Easily

It would be great if every single tattoo responded equally to our tattoo laser removal treatments, but actually the Remove old tattoosopposite is true. The success of a laser tattoo removal treatment depends on a lot of different factors, and results vary greatly from person to person.

If your tattoo is a few decades old, then you are in luck. Older tattoos tend to respond much better to tattoo laser removal treatment then newer tattoos. This is because older tattoos are closer to the surface of the skin than new tattoos, and the ink will naturally begin to break apart and fade with time.

When a professional tattoo artist inks a tattoo, he or she injects the ink deeply under the skin. A person sheds millions of skin cells every day, so year after year that tattoo slowly comes closer and closer to the surface of the skin. The ink will also naturally begin to break down over time. This is why old tattoos often look blurred and faded.

Our laser works by moving through the skin and breaking down the tattoo ink. If the tattoo is already close to the surface of the skin, then the laser can get to the ink much more easily. Additionally, since the ink of an old tattoo is already breaking apart, the laser just speeds up the process.

If you’re looking to get rid of an old, faded tattoo, then your chances of getting a favorable result through laser tattoo removal are very good. Call us at (281) 440 – 4663 to schedule a consultation.