Starbucks Tattoo Policy

Do you want to work at Starbucks? If you dream of unlimited free coffee and living the barista dream at the mega corporation, you better cover up or get rid of those visible tattoos.

Like all corporate policies some stores tend to enforce the rule more than others, but  when job seeking it’s better to be safe and be on the conservative side when it comes to showing your tattoos. Starbuck’s tattoo policy states that no visible tattoos are allowed. That means if you have leg tattoos you are wearing pants every single day, even in summer.

The same goes for arm and wrist tattoos (Starbucks also has a policy against “excessive” jewelry, so no big bracelet to cover up that wrist tattoo). If you have a rigid manager you’ll still be forced to wear long sleeves in the scorching summer heat.

Do yourself and your job search a favor this summer and remove any old tattoos that are o longer serving you. Your new career may be waiting!

By Elizabeth Threadgill