Popular Tattoos For Women

This blog post is for the ladies. Women are feeling more and more comfortable going under the needle to add a little colorful ink beneath their skin. Unlike men, who gravitate towards large, aggressive tattoos such as tribal bands, lions, skulls, eagles and the like – women tend to request smaller, brighter and more positive tattoos that highlight the playful aspects of their personality.

Based on our research and observation, here are some of the most common tattoo designs chosen by women:


Lotus, sunflowers, roses and just about every other type of bloom can be found sprouting behind shoulders, on ankles, wrists, hips and necks of women. Flowers represent life and beauty and are a great way to be a little daring without walking too far over the line.


Insects, especially butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and bumble bees, are a very popular tattoo motif among women. Insect tattoos are appealing, because they are colorful, beautiful and can be small.


Almost every little girl is enchanted with tales of magic, and many grow up wanting to keep that magic alive. Fairies, unicorns and phoenixes are very popular tattoo designs for women, allowing them to add a little magic to every day.


Zodiac signs can also be found on many female bodies. They can be small or large; tucked out of the way on a wrist or ankle or given plenty of room on an arm or across the back.


Though men tend to prefer tribal tattoos, women also enjoy beautiful and sensual designs. Many women will get a design or tribal-oriented tattoo on their lower back (known to some as a “tramp stamp”), which can add a tantalizing hint of their tempestuous nature.