Rules that Companies have about Tattoos

Tattoos Showing at WorkMany companies are very strict about not showing tattoos in the workplace.  Sometimes it may be easier to just get them removed.  You can call North Houston Laser Tattoo removal to get them removed.

Here are some real rules that companies have about tattoos.

1. Warning- If your tattoo shows once, then you just get a warning.

2. Written up/no advancement- If your tattoo shows more than 5 times then you can be written up or you are no longer allowed to move up in the company for 6 months.

3. Termination- if your tattoo is visible 10 or more times in a given year, then you are subject to termination.

These steps may seem harsh but I feel it gives the company a little more say in the matter. It also encourages employees to follow company policy. If not then there could be serious consequences. However, I feel like this is the most extreme solution to the problem. If a company does enough research there should be no reason that tattoos should not be accepted. History alone could clear up the name of tattoos.