Tattoo Permanence: A thing of The Past!

Before, people would ink up their bodies with symbols, words- various markings if you will without a doubt in their minds that they’d have it on their bodies forever. Nowadays, we live with such technological advancements that we are able to remove said markings with a couple of easy procedures.

Remember, I said easy and not painless. Haha! These procedures showcase the future. They include methods such as dermabrasion, TCA, salabrasion, crysurgery, laser remocal, and excision. The most important and popular is, however, laser removal. It is the least painful and most sought after for its grand results.

These results are miraculous to say the least. At each session, the tattoo pigment decreases, leaving the skin as rejuvenated as ever before. The tattoo is lightened over time until it has completely diminished from sight. It is truly an extraordinary thing. No longer must one suffer in silence with regret over a youthful mistake or silly misstep in life. Tattoo permanence is a thing of the past.

We now have state of the art machinery such as the Duality tattoo removal laser that produces a 1 joule pulse of 1064 nm energy to remove dark tattoos. We also now have the Astanza laser that also provides maximum power, sufficient to break down the ink of those difficult to remove tattoos.

These machines contribute to the success of laser tattoo removal. The machinery isn’t the only factor that does though. Others include the patients’ immune system, hydration, sleep, a healthy weight, a well balanced diet, exercise, and being a non smoking person. Although these factors aid in the healthy removal of tattoos, one must also remember what the treatment entails as well. It encompasses some pain. The pain can be categorized as discomfort. It is tolerable (or at least stated to be). It is said to be similar to hot oil. Many require some form of anesthetic to dull or mask the pain. Other bypass the anesthetic and simply take the pain as it comes.

Regardless, it is safe to say that tattoo removal is an innovation of the future. Whether painful or not, no matter which machine you use, it is a gift to mankind. Tattoos are no longer a thing of permanence. You can choose to live your life freely! Tattoo permanence is a thing of the past!