Getting Rid Of Life’s Mistakes and Tattoo Removal

tattoo_removalWe all make mistakes in life, some more permanent than others. You may never be able to live down the shame of what happened when your “night out with the guys” escalated into a drinking marathon (especially if pics and videos were posted on Facebook), but at least you can get rid of the tattoo of your ex-girlfriend’s face, which you discovered on your arm the next morning.

Okay, most people don’t have quite that type of experience, but there are many individuals who come to regret their tattoos for one reason or another. Luckily, your tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal we’ve seen and erased it all – the names of ex-wives, a bleeding skull that doesn’t make for very good boardroom conversation, misspelled quotes, tribal armbands that have faded in color and significance, etc…

Using the most advanced laser in the industry, we can get rid of almost any tattoo regardless of color, location on the body and age. Our Q-Switched laser works with precision, using short pulses of light to break up the ink under your skin, which will be naturally absorbed and flushed from your body.

The process certainly isn’t a walk in the park, but it works. You can expect mild discomfort and will likely need to come in for multiple sessions (depending on the size, age and amount of ink used in the design).   In the end, however, a little pain and a couple of trips are a small price to pay to get your skin back free of that bare-chested mermaid that you don’t want your young children asking about.


Removing Tattoos are Painful in Many Ways

Ask people why they got a tattoo, and some will tell you it seemed like a good idea at the time but now, many have changed their minds. But getting rid of a tattoo isn’t easy.

Looking at the 14 giant stars and the yellow and orange flames on his arm, Chris Fletcher says, “I grew up a little I guess. I was trying to start thinking about careers; jobs so didn’t want to have a tattoo all over my arm.”

Chris Fletcher and his ex-wife, who is now married to someone else, say the matching tattoos are embarrassing. So much so, she asked us not to use her name or show her face.

“At the time I didn’t think about it but now I’ve had my son and it obviously bothers me,” she says.

houstonlaserqrcodeThey came to Dr. Esta Kronberg, a Houston dermatologist, to remove the tattoos. And she says their story is one she hears often.   Read more article from ABCLocal in Houston

by Christi Meyers