Tattoos Of Sports Stars or Animal Tattoos Gone Bad

The faces, names or jersey numbers of sports stars have been known to find their way onto the skin of their biggest fans. What happens, Sports Tattoos or Animal Tattoos Removedhowever, when a star comes crashing to earth?

The recent arrest of Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez for murder is just the latest sports hero downfall. There’s also Lance’s Armstrong’s long-time-coming doping confession and South African Oscar Pistorius’s bloody murder of his girlfriend.

What is a fan to do when they’ve got the face or number of a disgraced sports hero on their skin? They can’t get rid of it as easily as cutting off a “Live Strong” bracelet or discretely giving away a jersey to Goodwill.

One option is tattoo laser removal. Over a series of appointments, a special laser will be used to break apart the ink beneath an individual’s skin, which will then be flushed naturally from the body. The amount of sessions and the cost to get rid of the tattoo will depend on the size of the tattoo, colors used and age of the tattoo.

While most sports stars never recover after their crash landing (look at O.J.), you don’t have to share in their shame. Get the tattoo off with tattoo laser removal.  Bad animal tattoos can be a big mistake also.