Tattoos And Workplace Dress Codes

In a country that is well-known for its protection of freedom of expression, it may surprise many to learnRemove Tattoos for Job that companies in the United States actually have fairly flexible rights when it comes to requiring employees to submit to a dress code and to cover tattoos and facial piercings.

Employers in the United States are allowed to establish a strict dress code for their employees in order to uphold that company’s image. For instance, hotels, airlines and fancy restaurants often provide specific uniforms for their employees. Many other corporate offices prohibit employees from wearing jeans, shorts, sleeveless shirts or short skirts.

Companies even have the right to dictate that employees with facial piercings must take them out and those with tattoos must keep them covered so they are not visible. While employee lawsuits over dress codes and tattoos are not uncommon, the courts have regularly found that employees have no legal right to show body art in the workplace.

While there are plenty of businesses and companies that have lax policies and allow employees to display tattoos, there are still many others with strict dress code. Airlines, for example, don’t allow stewards and stewardesses to show body art. Those with tattoos on their arms or legs must wear long sleeves and pants at all times.

Many individuals with tattoos can find these policies restrictive; after all, it can be highly uncomfortable to wear a long-sleeved shirt in the middle of a hot summer day. It can also be worrisome to know that you could be fired if you accidentally show your tattoo.

As a result of these strict dress code policies, those with highly visible tattoos on their necks or hands may not even qualify for a broad range of jobs. This can be very devastating to those looking for work, especially as the economy continues to recover at such a slow pace.

It’s not surprising then that many prospective job hunters or employees who work in a strict dress code environment eventually decide on tattoo laser removal. While it might not be such a bad idea to push back against restrictive dress code policies, it might also be smart to play it safe and get highly visible tattoos removed.

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Tattoo: Less Reliable at Work?

People with tattoos being seen as less reliable and not serious for work, based on this you may want to get those tattoos removed, especially if they are visible on your arms, hands, neck or face.   

With the army banning the candidates with tattoo from their recruitment rallies, we wonder whether such rules also exist in corporate world too?

While getting tattooed is one of the coolest things you can do with your body, but the army’s recent ban on recruitment of 802687people with body artwork has once again brought to fore, the desirability of having tattooed professionals in the workplace.

While army contends that having a tattoo increases the risk of contracting HIV and other infections among recruits, the HR department of corporate houses have some reservations of their own. Many corporate houses generally discourage the recruitment of tattooed persons into their fold because of the general impression that they won’t be serious enough with their work.