Lost A Lot Of Weight? Now Might Be The Time To Lose The Tattoo

If you’ve managed to lose a significant amount of weight, then we congratulate you on your achievement. We hope you are remove tattoo after losing weightloving your new and improved body. Losing 50 pounds or more will result in big changes to your body as well as any tattoos that you have.

If you first got your tattoo before gaining a significant amount of weight, it may have stretched and warped along with your skin as your body got bigger. Now that the weight is gone, your tattoo may have lost its definition and proportion. Those who lose a particularly large amount of weight or who were heavy for a long amount of time may find that their skin doesn’t rebound automatically after the weight loss. Instead, excess skin may sag and droop, along with tattoos.

We’ve seen many cases where weight loss has warped a tattoo so that it is no longer pleasing to an individual (especially because they want to show off their new bodies). Tattoo laser removal may be the best option in this circumstance. We can take off your old deflated tattoo, so that your body looks even better after all of your hard work.