Removing Amateur Tattoos

Laser-Tattoo-Removal-21If you have an amateur tattoo that you would like to be removed, consider yourself lucky. Amateur tattoos (a tattoo not done by a professional, often times done by friends or perhaps in jail) are usually easier to remove than professional tattoos because of ink quality and method used.

Amateur tattoos are easier to remove because the ink usually isn’t imbedded as deeply and the ink isn’t as good of quality. Sometimes pen ink, ashes from burnt newspaper and crushed up lead is used to make ink (yikes!) making is not quite as permanent as professional quality.

Sometimes (though of course not always) people with amateur tattoos will need less laser treatments than those with professional tattoos. Luckily for you, that hand drawn Tweety Bird on your ankle that your friend did for you in his basement might not have to be as permanent as you thought.

By Elizabeth Threadgill