UV Tattoos

There’s a new trend in the tattoo industry, one that your going to need a black light for. UV tattoos, or black light tattoos, are tattoos that only show up under black lights and glow dramatically. Since most people don’t want to spend the time and money on a tattoo that is hardly ever going to be seen, black light tattoos are rare but are becoming increasingly popular, especially in raver culture where black lights are  prevalent.

The benefits are that you can get one in a highly visible area where you might not chose to get a regular one, without the potential repercussions (if you have a conservative job that doesn’t allow tattoos, for example). However, there are definite downsides to a UV tattoo. Although they are considered invisible in normal light, many times the tattoo is visible and resembles scar tissue. Not really an attractive look.

UV tattoos are also usually even more expensive than regular tattoos which are pretty pricy to begin with. Since it is a newer technology some people have also had negative reactions the the UV ink, although this has improved in recent years. Just because black light tattoos are more subtle that traditional ones doesn’t mean they aren’t just as serious. be sure to do your research if you decide to get a UV tattoo just like you would a regular one.

By Elizabeth Threadgill