Why People Get Tattoos on Their Face

Remove face tattoosThere are various reasons that people get tattoos on their face.  Many of these people were paid money to add a tattoo on their face as a billboard.  They may now regret that they have a tattoo on their face.  Unlike body tattoos it is very hard to hide.

We have had cases where people get a tattoo on their face to be a rebel or go against their parents or family and then they really regret it.  Especially teenagers that let someone tattoo on their face.   Legally a teenager cannot get a tattoo if they are under 18.  So parents sometimes bring their teenagers to us to remove the tattoos and we have been very successful in removing these illegal tattoos, and we have had some on the face.

If you need to find out more give us a call or contact us for a consultation and we can get started right away to remove your unwanted tattoo, on your face or other parts of your body.