Arkansas REALLY Doesn’t Want You to Get a New Tattoo

tattoologoIn a move that is (unsurprisingly) fiercely being opposed by some residents and those in the tattoo industry, Arkansas House of Representatives just passed a bill that will ban certain tattooing procedures.

Specifically scarification (the practice of cutting into the skin or branding that creates scars) is being targeted, but many people are up in arms about the government interfering with citizen’s rights to tattoo themselves however they want. Many worry that the rules are intentionally vague and may lead to more regulations that limit people’s way of expressing themselves.

Senators argued that “nontraditional” tattooing practices increased health risks, though they did not provide tangible evidence to back up their claim. Just remember, if you are not an Arkansas resident and are thinking about getting a “scarred” tattoo, even our laser can’t remove those. That is a memory you will have for life!