Sherry Not Cool With “I Love Mary”?

Unfortunately, tattoos often last longer than the love relationships they commemorate. Five years ago you thought you and Mary would be together for the rest of your lives.  But now you’re engaged to Sherry and having to see your pledge of love to your previous lover is an unpleasant and unnecessary jab to her heart that she will have to endure for the rest of your time together.

Unless you do something about it.   So this time, instead of showing your love by getting a tattoo, why not show it by removing the one that is hurting the one you now hold dear?

She’ll love you for it.  Give Laser Tattoo Removal a call for a free consultation.



The First Step is Free to Tattoo Removal

Scan and CallYou have heard so many things about getting your tattoo removed and now you think it is time to find out the truth for yourself.   The first step is getting a consultation and that step is free.   You need to find out what it will take from your time and money to get that really bad tattoo removed permanently.

There are many reasons why people get the tattoo in the first place and then usually even better reasons why they want to get it removed.   You may only want to get part of a tattoo removed so you can have it redone.  Or an entire tattoo removed for work related reasons.   The best way is to call and set up a free consultation or you can to the request quote form and fill it out and send a picture,  Make sure it is a .jpg file and not super large so we can see what we need to look at

Stopped Half-way on Tattoo now it Needs to be Removed

laser Tattoo RemovalSometimes the pain of a tattoo is just too much and the tattoo artist has to stop part way through. Or maybe you got a tattoo years ago just to get one and they artist knew you could not stand the pain so he went really fast and just threw something on you.

Someone may even have started a tattoo years ago and never had the money to finish it and now it looks terrible and it is time t get that tattoo removed completely. Well now you can get that tattoo removed. let us know and fill out the request for quote form. We will get right back to you and get that partial or ugly tattoo taken removed.

Fun Tattoo Facts

Tattoo facts Tattooing has been practiced for centuries, and along the way has created some pretty entertaining stories and body art. For how much of the population has a tattoo not too many people are knowledgeable about them. Here are some fun tidbits of tattoo facts that you can whip out next time your friend asks you to go with him to get his butterfly tattoo on his ankle touched up.

  • Tattoos are technically considered a minor medical procedure. Not sure if your boss will take the note from your tattoo artist excusing you from work though.
  • It was illegal to get a tattoo in Oklahoma until 2006
  • A man name Hollis Cantrell holds the world record for the most tattoos as of 2009 with 801
  • Tattoos on the lips last only 1 to 5 years and need to frequently be retouched
  • New York City’s most expensive tattoo artist charges $350 an hour
  • The first white man to have a Chinese character tattoo (on record) was American president James Polk
  • Maori women of New Zealand get facial tattoos to hide aging lines
  • Tattoos have been used to smuggle secret information  in times of war
  • As of 2010, The Marine Corps prohibits tattoos on the hands, fingers, inside of the mouth and wrists
  • Over 40 million people in the United States have tattoos
  • 26% of people with tattoos say that it makes them feel more attractive

Lose That Tramp Stamp

Terrible tramp stamp

Ah the tramp stamp. These affectionately named lower back tattoos became popular with women in the early 2000’s, often accentuated with crop tops and low rise jeans. While this style of tattoo may have been popular 20 years ago, now its a painful reminder that the tramp stamp may have been styling when you were a 19 year old co-ed, but not so much anymore. Here’s some fun facts about tramp stamps.

  • The most common tramp stamp tattoos are tribal designs, stars, flowers, wings, dragons, and text tattoos
  • Other charming names for the tramp stamp include California license plate, slug tag, and bulls eye
  • While the majority of tramp stamp owners are women, there’s quite a few male celebrities that have gotten in on the fun including David Beckham, Antonio Sabato Jr (bonus, its the batman symbol), Brad Pitt, and Jake Gyllenhaall

Fortunately for Antonio Sabato Jr. and the rest of us tattoo removal technology has come a long way. Embarrassing tattoos now no longer need to be permanent reminders of trends long gone.

When Tattoos Outlast Love

A popular and enduring way that men and women demonstrate their love is by getting a token of affection bad tattoospermanently tattooed on their body. The old mainstays include a heart with a lover’s name in the middle, a name wrapped around a ring finger, or even that special someone’s face immortalized forever on an arm, back or other body part.

Many people who submit to the needle believe that their love is as eternal as the ink going under their skin. Unfortunately, life sometimes works out differently.

Recently, tattoo artist Kat Von D (famous for the now-defunct reality show L.A. Ink) announced that she was getting the face of her ex-fiancé, Jesse James, removed after the two broke up (again). The announcement came on Kat’s Twitter page and included Instagram pics of the large tattoo on her ribcage going under the laser.

Kat Von D’s story is familiar to us in the tattoo laser removal business. Love doesn’t always last, and in many cases, a tattoo with a name, face or other meaningful image can be a painful reminder of a broken relationship.

Many of our clients come in hoping to use laser tattoo removal to not only get rid of an unhappy memory, but also as a catharsis. Sometimes, our clients find that removing the tattoo of someone who broke their heart is a symbolic way of washing away the pain and hurt so that they can move forward.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we are happy to help clients with this healing process. If you’ve read our previous blog posts or reviewed the information on our website, then you know that we offer top-of-the-line laser removal treatment. Our Q-Switched laser produces short pulses of light energy that break up the tattoo ink beneath your skin, which your body will naturally absorb.

Most tattoos require multiple laser removal sessions in order to fully remove, and the specific time it will take to remove your tattoo will depend on its size, age and coloring. If your tattoo is just a small name, we can likely get it off with only a few sessions. A large face, like the tattoo Kat Von D is removing, will take many more sessions and have a higher price tag.

The cost for many, however, is worth the benefit of erasing a relationship gone sour from their skin so they can move forward both figuratively and literally with a clean slate.

We hope you never have to come into our shop to remove a relationship tattoo, but if you do, we’re here for you and will help you remove the tattoo as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What to Expect from Laser Tattoo Removal

Steps to Tattoo RemovalYou will be asked to fill out some basic paperwork regarding your general health and some questions that will help us determine what skin type you have.

After the paper work is assessed we will discuss the procedure and go over any other questions that you might have.  Next Step is that we will take some photos of your tattoo so we can track your removal progress.

Then we will start cooling the area to be treated with the Zimmer Cryo unit, you can do this yourself it the site of the tattoo allows this.  Sometimes if the customer holds the cooling hose it can help take your mind off the laser treatment.

Next, we will have you put on some really cool  glasses that protect your eyes from the laser light.   When you are ready we will “zap” the tattoo one or two times to let you know how it feels.   Once you know how it feels and if the site is numb we will then begin the removal.  It is very fast…

After treatment, our staff will evaluate your tattoo and then apply some antibiotic ointment and place a bandage over the tattoo.  Then we will go over the after care instructions and give you a copy of the instructions as well.

In 4-5 weeks, once your skin has completely healed you will come back for your next session where the process is the same..

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?

That arm sleeve of tats seemed like a great idea when you were young and definitely going to make it as a rock star no matter what your mother said. Fifteen years later, you’re getting tired of wearing long sleeves to the office every day and sweaters whenever you have dinner with the in-laws.

Your life has changed. It’s easy enough to pack up your drum set, shave off the Mohawk and box up that leather jacket that drove the girls crazy. It’s a little harder to get your skin back, but not impossible.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we specialize in wiping away the past and giving you a new start with your skin.

One of the most common questions we get from customers is, “how long does tattoo removal take?”

The answer depends on a number of factors, but in most cases it will require more than one treatment. The size of your tattoo, its age, and the amount of ink used will all affect how many treatments you’ll need. Obviously, smaller tattoos come off easier, as do simple line drawings that are not filled in with color.

To give you a sense, a black lettered tattoo will usually take around five treatments to remove. Larger tattoos, such as an arm sleeve may take up to fifteen treatments to remove. Warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows are easier to remove than cool colors like blues, purples and blacks, so that will also affect the number of treatments you’ll need.

If you want a more accurate estimate of how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo, it’s best to stop by our shop so that we can take a look. Once we see your tattoo, we’ll be able to give you a relatively accurate assessment of how many treatments it will take to remove

Ready to finally banish the tattoos of your youth? Give us a call at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal at (281) 440-GONE.

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