How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Some of the mistakes we make in life are permanent. Fortunately, tattoos don’t fall into that category. It is possible to remove almost any tattoo regardless of location, size, coloring or age.

Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. You didn’t think it would cost you pennies to get rid of that huge unicorn on your chest did you? (Another reason never to make big bets while drinking heavily)

The cost of tattoo removal will depend on a variety of factors including the size of the tattoo, the amount of ink used, the age of the tattoo and even the specific colors. Larger tattoos will require more and longer treatments, which will – not surprisingly – increase your overall bill. Warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges come off a little easier than cooler colors like blues, blacks and purples. The more ink in your tattoo, the more costly it will be to remove it all.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we use a state-of-the-art laser and well-trained technicians in order to give our clients the best result for their money.

To give you somewhat of an idea of the cost of laser tattoo removal, a small 2 X 2” tattoo will cost approximately $90 per treatment. Keep in mind that most tattoo removals require between five and fifteen treatments. Again, size and ink usage will play a big role in how much each individual treatment costs and how many treatments the tattoo requires.

The best way to figure out how much it’s going to cost you to never see that unicorn again is to drop by our office and let one of our technicians take a look. When we assess your tattoo, we’ll be able to tell you how many treatments we think it will take and an approximate cost per treatment.

We also offer discounts if you pre-pay for your treatment.

Ready to get rid of your tattoo forever or at least see if it’s in your budget? Give North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal a call at (281) 440-GONE.


Factors to Consider when Removing Tattoos

Every tattoo is different, and the number of laser tattoo removal sessions needed to successfully remove a tattoo can vary greatly depending on multiple variables.

Factors to Consider when Removing Tattoos

Factors to consider when removing tattoos:

  • Ink Color: Greens and blues more challenging than black and red inks. White ink can oxidize and turn darker once hit with the laser.
  • Age of Tattoo: Older tattoos are generally easier to remove and require less sessions than newer tattoos
  • Size of Tattoo: According to a 2010 study by the American medical association it was noted that larger tattoos over 12 inches in diameter require more sessions than smaller tattoos.
  • If you Smoke: The same study mentioned above also directly linked the negative effects of smoking on tattoo removal.  Regular smokers had a 70 percent lower rate of removal after ten sessions compared to their non-smoking counterparts.  This lower success rate is most likely related to smoking’s  direct effect on wound healing.
  • Location of Tattoo: Removal of your tattoo is harder in areas that have a limited vascular supply and slower healing.  Thus, tattoos on the feet, lower legs or hands require more sessions than tattoos on the chest and back.
  • Amount of Ink: The amount of ink used is another parameter that affects laser tattoo removal.  Professional tattoos have a greater density/volume of pigment that resides deeper in the skin.  On the other hand, amateur tattooing is usually uneven, superficial, and done with dramatically less ink.
  • Your Skin Type: Laser tattoo removal is more effective for individuals with lighter skin, because lighter skin does not significantly absorb laser light, most of the laser energy is focused on the tattoo pigment.  Darker skin absorbs a portion of laser light from the tattoo.  Also, most laser clinics adjust the laser accordingly on patients with darker skin to avoid unwanted side effects.

Send us a request for quote with the a picture of your tattoo and we can give you an estimate to have your tattoo removed.

More People are Getting Tattoos Removed

More People are Getting Tattoos RemovedIt is a fact many people are getting their tattoos removed and nearly a third of people with tattoos regret getting one, according to a new survey.

The survey findings, presented at the annual meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists, showed that men were more likely to have tattoo regret than women.

Tattoo regret was also three times more likely among men if they got their tattoo before reaching age 16, according to the survey. Meanwhile, the demographic least likely to regret a tattoo was women who got their tattoo after age 21.

But even though tattoo regret was relatively common among the study participants, not even half of those with tattoo regret said that they would get it, or them, removed, the researchers found.

The survey included 580 responses (53 percent men, 47 percent women) from people ages 16 and older (half of them were older than age 40), who had visible tattoos and visited the dermatology department East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust over a six-month period.

There is no Safe way to Pursue Tattoo Dermabrasion

Although most tattoos have some memory or meaningful reason behind them, some of them are not particularly well thought-out. Fortunately, laser removal offers a safe, quick, and efficient way to help you get rid of regrettable or misguided tattoos, though some people still pursue other procedures, like dermabrasion.

In general, all tattoo removal procedures hold some degree of risk, despite great improvements over the years. Unfortunately, non-laser treatments do not work as well, and tend to be quite dangerous, leaving the patient with harmful, and sometimes, permanent side effects.

Dermabrasion tattoo removal, as the name suggests, is one of the extremely invasive techniques used before the advent of laser removal procedures, yet some people still pursue it today in the hope that it will help to remove their tattoo. This technique literally abrades the skin, as the user relies on salt crystals, sterilized sandpaper, diamond wheel, wire brush, or other mechanical means to sand down or scrape away the skin. The patient suffers a considerable amount of pain, so it can only be performed under local anesthetic.

If you are still not convinced that this is not the right way to remove a tattoo, dermabrasion removes several layers of skin – deep enough to get rid of the tattoo. This injures the dermis, which does not renew itself, leading to scarring, bleeding, discoloration, and even an infection. It also takes months to heal properly, yet you may not get the desired effect.

Caring for your Skin after Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Remodel

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo regret is becoming rather common these days, and while there is no overnight removal treatment, it is possible to speed up the process. Depending on the type of laser technology used to remove your tattoo, the healing and recovery times can vary considerably.

Usually, for the first 30-minutes after your laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattoo will appear pale or white with slight swelling. It may also leave a hot, sunburn effect for a short while, and will probably remain red and swollen for a good part of the day, with possible pinpoint bleeding in areas that were heavily pigmented. Your doctor should prescribe an effective non-sensitizing antibiotic ointment to prevent scarring and help in healing, as well as pain medication to ensure comfort after the procedure.

How you care for your skin after removing a tattoo is more or less the same as when you had the tattoo. It is important that you cleanse the skin gently, and apply an antibiotic treatment to hasten the treatment. Don’t pick or irritate the skin after treatment, and keep checking for signs of infection, like unusual pain, swelling, and redness, so you can inform your doctor.

Are Scalp Tattoos A New Treatment For Balding?

According to the American Hair Loss Association, up to 85% of men will experience some hair loss by the age of 50. For many men, hair loss affects self-esteem and may even hurt their love life or career. Many treatments exist for hair loss – from hair implants to wigs – but one of the most innovative might be scalp tattooing.

Scalp Aesthetics is a tattoo parlor that specializes in scalp micropigmentation services for men and women experiencing hair loss. This delicate tattooing service can help fill in bald spots or even replicate the look of a very fine buzz cut.

The first Scalp Aesthetics opened in 2013, and it’s been successful enough that multiple franchises are opening up across the United States and in Canada. A typical procedure can cost around $4,000, but the hefty price tag apparently isn’t scaring away clients. In fact some customers are using a combination of treatments, such as hair plugs with micropigmentation.

Will micropigmentation be a hot new tattoo trend for 2015? Well, as long as men keep losing hair, we think so!  And if it does not work out then we can remove part or all of the tattoo.

A Clean Slate for 2015?

Tattoo Removed for 2015The New Year is always a very powerful and symbolic time. It is the crossing over from the past into the future and serves as a great starting point to shed bad habits and try to be a better version of yourself. What does that better version of you look like?

Do you want to try to get a better job in 2015? Be a better role model for your children? Clean up your act?

Change always requires action, and if you really want to symbolically shed your past mistakes or a past persona, laser tattoo removal can be incredibly cathartic. If you have a tattoo that represents a part of your life that you are ready to let go, then laser tattoo removal can help. At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we use a state-of-the-art laser to break up the ink beneath your skin so that your body absorbs the harmless material.

Laser tattoo removal isn’t easy. It takes time, commitment, and a little discomfort, but isn’t that the truth about all meaningful change? Call us today for a free consultation about your tattoo.

From all of us here at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we wish you a wonder New Year’s!

Tattoo Laser Removal – The Gift of a New Start

Buy the Gift of Tattoo RemovalThoughtful and personalized gifts are more valuable than ever, especially in today’s era of gift card overload. The best gifts are those that have a special meaning and that will last beyond a short high of owning some new gadget that will start gathering dust in another month.

If you know someone who regrets a tattoo, consider offering them the gift of laser tattoo removal. This gift is about more than getting rid of ink. It can represent a new beginning, especially if the tattoo to be removed is the name of an ex-spouse or partner or if the tattoo represents an attitude or lifestyle that has long been outgrown.

If the tattoo no longer fits the person’s style or even interferes with their ability to find a job, start a new relationship, or make a good first impression, your gift of tattoo laser removal can be powerful indeed. If you live in the Houston area, give us a call to discuss this possibility. If you can show us a picture of the tattoo and answer a few questions, we can give you a ballpark estimate on the cost of removal.

Your loved one will definitely remember this gift, especially when they look in the mirror and no long have to see a disliked tattoo.