Celebrities like Mark Wahlberg Get Tattoos Removed

It’s no secret that celebrities often get tattoos. Sometimes celebrities seek out tattoo removal options to remove those same tattoos. Many celebrities get tattoos before they are famous and not that they are in the public eye they do not want to show that image.

mark wahlberg before with his tattooMark Wahlberg told Kelly Ripa on “Live: with Kelly and Michael” that he had undergone laser tattoo removal treatments to remove an old Bob Marley tattoo from his shoulder. He said that his tattoos all have meaning to him, but on a personal level he doesn’t want his children getting tattoos and on a professional level, the time and effort involved in cover the tattoo with make-up “has always been a pain in the butt.” Mark has even taken his two older children with him to his tattoo removal sessions. He wants them to see what is involved when a tattoo becomes an unwanted tattoo.

Upon hearing of Mark’s tattoo removal, she announced that she had been having laser treatments to remove a tattoo of her own. Many people are getting tattoos removed because that was from a different time of their life or they just look bad now.

Below are photos of Mark Wahlberg’s tattoo both before and after several laser treatments. These photos were found in an article from last April. The tattoo may be mark wahlberg after his tattoo was removedcompletely gone by now.