How Soon can You Remove Your Tattoo?

021Did you get a truly terrible tattoo that needs to be off immediately? Whether the effect of hitting the tequila too hard or just an unskilled tattoo artist, some people are so unhappy with their new tattoos that they want them gone now. 

If your reason is the latter, all hope may not be lost. Many tattoo artists are skilled in fixing other’s mistakes, and assuming you wanted that tattoo in the first place, do your research to find a good artist that can fix your botched tattoo.

If your tattoo was a mistake that you want removed immediately, there is some difference of opinions in the tattoo removal industry. Some feel that it is safe to remove the tattoo immediately, although it won’t be any more effective than if you were to wait awhile. The more prevalent thought is to wait six weeks after getting the tattoo so the skin isn’t as sensitive. Treating your ink too soon increases the risks of adverse effects, obviously something you don’t want.