How Tattoo Removal Lasers Work

b4afterEver wondered just exactly how lasers remove those stubborn tattoos? Well wonder no more. Newer laser tattoo removal techniques can help eliminate your unwanted tattoo with limited side effects and are very safe, but people are curious to know exactly how they work. Can they really get rid of those horrible spring break reminders from decade ago?

Lasers work to eliminate tattoos by breaking up pigment with a high intensity light beam. This light beam is energy that passes safely through the skin and directly hits the tattoo. The tattoo absorbs the light energy and breaks apart as a result. Your body takes it from there and naturally and safely removes these excess color particles.

After several laser sessions your unwanted  tattoo will be well on it’s way to pulling a disappearing act. Some colors can only be treated by specific lasers, while black (being the easiest color to remove) is absorbed by all laser wavelengths. For the record, yellow and white pigment are typically the most difficult colors to remove.