How to Correct your Permanent Face Tattoos

There are many growing trends in the health and beauty industry, including cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup. Individuals without eyebrows, faint eyebrows or partial eyebrows rely on cosmetic tattoos to enhance their look. Similar services include the lip tattoo, which helps to define the lip line and reduce “lipstick bleed”, and eyeliner tattoo for those who don’t want to use an eye pencil every day.

However, these eyebrow tattoos tend to fade, discolor, or change their original shape with time, forcing you to rely on heavy makeup or big sunglasses to avoid embarrassment. Some people prefer to go for corrective measures, such as color adjustment or shape adjustment.

The former is used when the shape of the lip, eyebrow tattoo is still okay but the color is poor, so a corrective pigment color is tattooed over the faded makeup. Shape adjustment involves additional makeup tattooing to enhance the shape, balance, or symmetry of uneven permanent makeup on lips or eyebrows

For those who want a face tattoo removed, then they should consider using the MedLite C-6 laser technique. This procedure is safe, and leads to the permanent removal of lip or eyebrow tattoos, though the number of procedures required depends on the amount of ink used, and how deep it was injected.