Most Painful Places to Get A Tattoo

LIKE-us-on-Facebook-2657How much did your tattoo hurt? When many people get tattoos, one of the last things they take into consideration is the pain. Things like price, what to get, where to go to, what will people think etc. tend to be the forefront of people’s minds when they get tattoos. Often times people don’t take the needle and pain into consideration!

Often times the most painful places to get a tattoo are boney locations without the comforting padding of fat. Locations like ankles, tops of feet, ribcages (not good news for those planning a trendy rib tattoo) are rated the top most painful places to get tatted. Some tattoo artists won’t even do the tops of the feet, and these take 2-3 weeks to fully heal. Other extra painful locations that have been reported are behind the knees (ouch!), behind the ear (due to think skin), and lips (no fatty tissue to cushion the pain).

If the pain of that top-of-the-foot tattoo wasn’t worth it and you want it gone, give us a call today.

By Elizabeth Threadgill