Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

In case you weren’t aware, getting a tattoo usually hurts. Sometimes the pain is bearable, and other times you’ll be gripping square-laser-tattoo-removal-tarpon-springsthe arms of the chair (or your best friend’s hand) like your life depended on it. Getting a tattoo involves having the tattoo artist must inject ink deep into the skin using a needle that punctures the skin over and over again.

The amount of pain you feel when getting a tattoo will depend in great part on your personal pain tolerance and what part of your body will be receiving the ink.  Areas with fewer nerves and a layer of fat will hurt less than areas where the skin is thin or there are a lot of nerves present.

Some of the most tattoo-sensitive areas of the body (so we’ve been told) are the feet, ankles, kneecaps, behind the ear, lips, eyelids, genitalia, ribcage, breasts and neck.

Not surprisingly, many people still want ink in these areas and are willing to endure high levels of pain to get their butterfly, tribal design or Superman logo. Amazing what we’ll put ourselves through for vanity!

Removing a tattoo can also be painful, though most clients agree it is much less painful than getting the original tattoo. Many customers compare the feeling of tattoo laser removal to getting snapped with a rubber band.