On The Job Market? Your Tattoo May Be Making A Bad First Impression

Even though the economy is beginning to pick up, jobs are still not easy to come by in many industries. In this highly North Houston Laser Tattoo Removalcompetitive environment, job seekers know that first impressions are even more critical than ever. While it’s important to practice that firm handshake and “dress for success”, some job seekers are going to even farther lengths, such as dying gray hair or removing tattoos, in order to make a good first impression.

Many people view tattoos negatively and immediately make judgments about those who are tattooed, especially if a tattoo is large, in a highly visible place or contains violent or graphic imagery.

If those people happen to be on the other side of the interview table when you come looking for a job, it may not matter how much experience you have or what a great candidate you are – your tattoo will do all the talking for you.

It’s unfortunate that the world works this way, but that doesn’t change reality. Tatted up job seekers who are looking for careers in a professional and polished environment may find that the phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook from prospective employers.

In some cases, laser tattoo removal may help improve a candidates chances of getting a job or at least avoiding an unconscious negative bias that employers may have about tattoos. Obviously, this is not a decision that should be made impulsively. If you feel that your tattoo is a part of who you are or expresses something very important, than a job probably isn’t worth losing that part of yourself.

However, if your tattoo no longer represents who you really are and you feel that it is holding you back from landing a good job, then tattoo laser removal may help even the playing field between you and other job candidates.

Just make sure you take the time to learn about what laser tattoo removal entails as far as time, results and pricing (you can learn all about these factors by reading this blog). For one thing, if you’re looking to get rid of that huge skull and crossbones on your neck for your job interview tomorrow, sorry, but it’s just not going to happen. Most tattoos require multiple sessions in order to fully remove, which includes healing time between each session.

Additionally, laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. If you’re unemployed and on a tight budget, you might be better off investing in a long-sleeve blouse or a nice turtleneck, at least until you get a job and can save up for laser tattoo removal.

Lastly, removing a tattoo won’t guarantee that the job offers start pouring in; it just might help you make a better first impression, which usually leads to good things.