One Group Is Helping Liberate Women From Their Prison Tattoos

Remove Bad TattooMany men and women choose to get tattooed while incarcerated, but these prison inks come at a price. Prison tattoos are created using crude, improvised tools, and it is unlikely that the tattooer happens to be artistically trained. The result is often a poor quality tattoo that can stigmatize the prisoner when they finish their sentence and return to the outside world.

In Poland, a social rehab center call Pedagogium The College of Social Sciences has been helping female prisoners integrate back into the general population in a very unique way. In partnership with creative agency Isobar Poland, the program covers up women’s jail tattoos with professional, beautiful “Freedom Tattoos.”

Here is an incredible video about the program. Get out some tissues!

Of course, this amazing program can’t possibly help everyone with a prison tattoo they regret. Also, not every person may want to cover up a prison tattoo with another tattoo. Some would prefer to remove the tattoo altogether. At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we can help you clean away the slate of your prison years…at least where your tattoo is concerned!