Out Of The Gang, Now Get Rid Of The Tat

There are many reasons why a person may come to regret their tattoo, but for ex-gang members, their laser-tattoo-removal-tarpon-springstattoos can represent an especially painful time in their lives and can hold them back from moving on.

Tattooing is an important part of gang culture. Members tattoo their flesh to demonstrate their loyalty and to make statements about specific crimes committed. While within the gang, these tattoos are an important way to bond. On the outside, however, gang tattoo can represent a painful legacy and can make it very difficult for an ex-member to move on with their lives.

Getting out of a gang is not an easy process. For many members, it takes time in prison or the violent death of a friend or family member to make them finally decide to leave the cycle of violence and hate. Ex-gang members, especially those who are leaving prison, must learn to pick up the pieces of their lives and to support themselves in a law-abiding way.

Oftentimes, gang tattoos can hold them back, especially because many of these tattoos are in highly-visible places like the neck, face, hands and arms. They can make it difficult for an individual to get a job or could cause fear, tension or judgment from co-workers, neighbors and others in the community.

For the ex-gang member who is ready to move on and put their past behind them, laser tattoo removal might be a necessary part of the process. At North Houston Laser Tattoo removal, we can help erase the evidence of your old affiliation. Over the course of multiple treatments, our laser will help break up the ink beneath your skin, which your body will naturally absorb. You’ll notice your tattoo fading more and more with each session, and eventually it will be completely gone.

The amount of sessions it will take to completely remove your gang tattoo will depend on the size of the tattoo, the age of the tattoo and the colors used. We invite you to call us for an initial consultation where we can provide you with a timing assessment and price estimate. If you have multiple tattoos that you’d like to get rid of, we can work on them all together, saving you time and money.

If you are trying to leave your past as a gang member behind, we applaud your effort and would be happy to help you get rid of the tattoos that are holding you back from a better life.