Ready To Lose The Faded Tattoo

Thirty years ago you were young, wild and free. You went to your local tattoo parlor and got your first tattoo. It wasGet Rid of Faded Tattoo exciting and maybe a little scandalous. Now, however, that crisp black design has devolved into a blurry, bluish blob. Some of your friends can’t even tell what your tattoo is supposed to be.

They say that tattoos are permanent, but the truth is that tattoo ink fades and breaks down over time just like almost everything else. In addition, as your body changes, so does your tattoo. If you have gained a lot of weight since you got the tattoo or if your skin is now more loose, your tattoo will warp with the changes of your skin.

Many older adults become unhappy with their faded, stretched tattoos. One option is to have the tattoo re-inked if you still want the tattoo on your body. The other option is tattoo laser removal to get the blurry blob of color off.

Fortunately, those with older tattoos usually get really good results with tattoo laser removal. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can remove your old and faded tattoo, give us a call at (281) 440-4663 to schedule a free laser tattoo removal consultation.