Remove an Old Section of Your Tattoo by Laser

When you got that tattoo you were all excited and you decided over time to add more to that tattoo.   Maybe the new sections of your tattoo look way better than what you already had and now you cannot decide what to do.  So you think maybe I can get that other part touched up or get a cover tattoo, but that does not always look good. Another option would be to have the older sections of your tattoos removed completely and then start all over again.

We have seen tattoos that have been added to and the older parts look really bad now and just touching them up make them look worse. The Laser is used to remove the color from the skin and it is controlled to the designated areas.

So this is a great way to clean up and section and then have the same tattoo artist from the new tattoo go back in there and add some new ink art that looks better with your new ink art. Give us a call at  281.440.GONE(4663) and we can set up a free consultation. Or send us a request with the picture of the tattoo.