Stars Who Have Removed Tattoos

Stars who have removed tattoosEven celebrities have a change of heart when it comes to their tattoos. They may have private jets and personal assistants, but when it comes to getting tattoos celebrities are a lot like us. Luckily with today’s tattoo removal technology a temporary feeling (or result from a bottle of tequila) no longer have to be a permanent mark. Here are a few celebrities who have decided to remove their tattoos.

Megan Fox– The brunette bombshell has elected to remove a large forearm tattoo of legend Marilyn Monroe, stating that Marilyn is a negative icon and she no longer wishes to attract that kind of negative attention in her life. Rumor has it that she is planning to remove two other un-identified tattoos.

50 Cent- The rapper had decided to remove most of his tattoos in order to pursue acting. Covering up tattoos is a notoriously long and arduous process that Fifty has commented he is tired of.

Kelly Osborne- It’s no surprise that Kelly is choosing to remove her tattoos, considering her motivation for getting them. She got them as a young teen be anger her parents and has said her ink “was a way of self harming because I knew it would upset me mum and dad.”

Mark Anthony– When the singer split from singer Jennifer Lopez, he promptly got his “Jennifer!” tattoo on his wrist removed