Tattoo Nightmares – Reasons to Get Tattoos Removed

There is a show on spike TV that is called “Tattoo Nightmares”.  The artists on the show do tattoo re-dos, which are even better if you have the original tattoo at least partly removed or lightened.

Having your tattoo removed by laser helps to give you a better outcome for your new re-done tattoo.  North Houston Laser tattoo removal does many different types of tattoo removals and lightening an old tattoo is one of those services.

Examples of tattoo nightmares from the show that are great candidates for removal are the tattoos that people get put on their body as an advertisement for a company, like a strip club.  Companies pay for people to advertise their brand as a tattoo, however the pay for these tattoos is very low and you had one done to make money, it may be time now to get rid of by laser.  You can always get a real tattoo for yourself, but it is better to have the bad tattoo removed first.