Tattoo Removal Creams – How Effective are they?

Tattoo removal discussions typically revolve around laser removal, abrasive formula, or DIY creams. Many people claim to know the best way forward, although their suggestions are neither based on their personal experiences, nor the opinions of expert clinicians or dermatologists.

Do not be fooled that any of the tattoo removal creams on the market can help you get rid of your tattoo. They are neither safe, nor effective. Reason? When you get a tattoo, the ink pigment is embedded below your skin’s epidermal layer, beyond the reach of any tattoo removal cream.

Tattoo creams contain chemicals such as TCA, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and Hydroquinone, which are intended to dissolve the tattoo from your skin, but they don’t work. Some of these products contain bleaching agents or highly caustic trichloroacetic acid, which can actually harm your skin.

It is unfortunate that anyone buying these creams is only wasting their money. The only way to remove a tattoo, without damaging your skin, is through a laser procedure, which breaks up the ink pigment into micro particles that the body can safely remove – on its own – allowing the tattoo to lighten progressively.