The percentages of people who get tattoos removed

tattooremovalhouston (4)In the tattoo study, researchers interviewed 196 tattooed people; 130 of them were women and 66 were men.

The researchers found that today more women (69%) than men (31%) came in to get tattoos removed.

According to the 2006 study, a typical woman who gets a tattoo is between the ages of 24 and 29.

Most women with tattoos are white, college educated, and unmarried. They describe themselves as “risk takers, from stable families, with moderate to strong religious beliefs.”

More women are motivated to get the tattoo removed because of pressure from others or social stigma.

The top six reasons both men and women gave for tattoo removal:

  • 58% just decided to remove it.
  • 57% suffered embarrassment.
  • 38% had lowered body image.
  • 38% new job/career.
  • 37% problem with clothes.
  • 25% experienced stigma.

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