When Tattoos Outlast Love

A popular and enduring way that men and women demonstrate their love is by getting a token of affection bad tattoospermanently tattooed on their body. The old mainstays include a heart with a lover’s name in the middle, a name wrapped around a ring finger, or even that special someone’s face immortalized forever on an arm, back or other body part.

Many people who submit to the needle believe that their love is as eternal as the ink going under their skin. Unfortunately, life sometimes works out differently.

Recently, tattoo artist Kat Von D (famous for the now-defunct reality show L.A. Ink) announced that she was getting the face of her ex-fiancé, Jesse James, removed after the two broke up (again). The announcement came on Kat’s Twitter page and included Instagram pics of the large tattoo on her ribcage going under the laser.

Kat Von D’s story is familiar to us in the tattoo laser removal business. Love doesn’t always last, and in many cases, a tattoo with a name, face or other meaningful image can be a painful reminder of a broken relationship.

Many of our clients come in hoping to use laser tattoo removal to not only get rid of an unhappy memory, but also as a catharsis. Sometimes, our clients find that removing the tattoo of someone who broke their heart is a symbolic way of washing away the pain and hurt so that they can move forward.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we are happy to help clients with this healing process. If you’ve read our previous blog posts or reviewed the information on our website, then you know that we offer top-of-the-line laser removal treatment. Our Q-Switched laser produces short pulses of light energy that break up the tattoo ink beneath your skin, which your body will naturally absorb.

Most tattoos require multiple laser removal sessions in order to fully remove, and the specific time it will take to remove your tattoo will depend on its size, age and coloring. If your tattoo is just a small name, we can likely get it off with only a few sessions. A large face, like the tattoo Kat Von D is removing, will take many more sessions and have a higher price tag.

The cost for many, however, is worth the benefit of erasing a relationship gone sour from their skin so they can move forward both figuratively and literally with a clean slate.

We hope you never have to come into our shop to remove a relationship tattoo, but if you do, we’re here for you and will help you remove the tattoo as quickly and efficiently as possible.