Worst Tattoo Decisions For Employment – Facial and Neck Tattoos

It’s 2015, and even though tattoos are becoming more mainstream than ever, many employers aren’t ready to hire employees with certain tattoos. In most cases, if an employee can cover a tattoo and the tattoo itself isn’t offensive, there won’t be a problem. This means most shoulder, back, hip, and other private tattoos are safe.

Face and neck tattoos are another story.

Many jobs are customer/client facing in one way or another, and even small facial tattoos can be off-putting and hurt a business’s image. Current law allows employers to discriminate against potential job applicants based on visible tattoos or to even fire employees if they get a visible tattoo.

If you want to build a career for yourself in a traditional industry, facial and neck tattoos can significantly hurt your chances of getting your foot in the door and getting promoted. If you have a facial or neck tattoo that you feel is hurting your job prospects in 2015, give us a call at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.