How Tattoo Removal Lasers Work

b4afterEver wondered just exactly how lasers remove those stubborn tattoos? Well wonder no more. Newer laser tattoo removal techniques can help eliminate your unwanted tattoo with limited side effects and are very safe, but people are curious to know exactly how they work. Can they really get rid of those horrible spring break reminders from decade ago?

Lasers work to eliminate tattoos by breaking up pigment with a high intensity light beam. This light beam is energy that passes safely through the skin and directly hits the tattoo. The tattoo absorbs the light energy and breaks apart as a result. Your body takes it from there and naturally and safely removes these excess color particles.

After several laser sessions your unwanted  tattoo will be well on it’s way to pulling a disappearing act. Some colors can only be treated by specific lasers, while black (being the easiest color to remove) is absorbed by all laser wavelengths. For the record, yellow and white pigment are typically the most difficult colors to remove.

Important Questions about Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal FAQ

As tattoo removal becomes increasingly popular, so have questions regarding it. Does it hurt? How many sessions does it take? Will Steps to Tattoo Removalinsurance pay for it (unless you have a stellar insurance plan, good luck on that one). Here are some common questions when it comes to removing old tattoos.

Will it hurt?

Everyone is different and pain levels will vary depending on individual. Most people say that it feels like a rubber band snapping against their skin, but not so bad they would stop treatment. If you have extra sensitive skin let your laser therapist know before hand and consider a numbing cream.

How many treatments will it take?

Again, everyone (and every tattoo) is different and it depends on your unique circumstance. The type of ink and pigment, size of tattoo, and whether it is an amateur or professional tattoo will affect how many appointments you will need.

How far apart should I schedule my appointments?

Typically 4-8 weeks apart but consult your laser technician.

What color tattoos respond the best to treatment?

Blue and black respond the best while orange, purple and red are more challenging to remove.


What happens when your tattoo does not come out right? Remove it!

Today it was reported that on Fox Sports that sometimes your tattoo of your favorite team does not come out right.  When tattoos do notTattoo with Incorrect Spelling come out right sometimes they do not even spell the the main part of the tattoo correctly.    Sometimes it is just too big of a mistake to fix and you just need to get it removed.  Good thing laser tattoo removal is available through   North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.

Want To Be A Police Officer? You Might Have To Cover Up Your Tats.

The New Orleans Police Department became the latest tattoo battleground when superintendent Ronal Serpas announced that all officers had to cover up all visible tattoos starting August 1st.

Serpas’s announcement adds New Orleans to a growing list of police departments, including New York, Los Angeles and Baltimore, where officers are not allowed to show visible tattoos. These policies are meant to increase the professional appearance of the officers who are representatives of their community.

However noble the intention of these policies, it could mean additional hardships for officers who have a lot of ink. Officers who have tattoos on their arms will be required to wear long-sleeve shirts at all times, and neck tattoos will have to be covered up with makeup. In the summertime, where temperatures can rise to triple digits in many cities around the country, long sleeves can make for a very uncomfortable beat.

Those considering joining the police force may want to think twice before getting inked in a visible place. Officers who already have large tattoos on their arms or neck may want to consider laser tattoo removal if they work for a department that does not allow visible tattoos.

Tattoos Trip up Visas – Good Reason to Get Your Tattoo Removed

LIKE-us-on-Facebook-964Growing numbers of Latin American immigrants with tattoos are being denied green cards by the U.S. on the grounds they pose a security threat.

But many say their tattoos are only ornamental, a First Amendment right to freedom of expression and have no connection to gangs. Miriam Jordan has details on The News Hub    Article from the Wall Street Journal

This is a really good reason to get your tattoo removed by North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal if you are in the Houston area.


Tattoos Of Sports Stars or Animal Tattoos Gone Bad

The faces, names or jersey numbers of sports stars have been known to find their way onto the skin of their biggest fans. What happens, Sports Tattoos or Animal Tattoos Removedhowever, when a star comes crashing to earth?

The recent arrest of Patriot’s tight end Aaron Hernandez for murder is just the latest sports hero downfall. There’s also Lance’s Armstrong’s long-time-coming doping confession and South African Oscar Pistorius’s bloody murder of his girlfriend.

What is a fan to do when they’ve got the face or number of a disgraced sports hero on their skin? They can’t get rid of it as easily as cutting off a “Live Strong” bracelet or discretely giving away a jersey to Goodwill.

One option is tattoo laser removal. Over a series of appointments, a special laser will be used to break apart the ink beneath an individual’s skin, which will then be flushed naturally from the body. The amount of sessions and the cost to get rid of the tattoo will depend on the size of the tattoo, colors used and age of the tattoo.

While most sports stars never recover after their crash landing (look at O.J.), you don’t have to share in their shame. Get the tattoo off with tattoo laser removal.  Bad animal tattoos can be a big mistake also.

Tattoo Demographics By Race

According to a fascinating tattoo infographic offered by Medermis Laser Clinic, 21% of Americans (45 million) have a tattoo. That’s not a Tattoos removedsmall portion of the population, especially when you consider the fact that the younger generations are getting tattoos at a higher rate than their parents and grandparents.

What is even more interesting (at least to us) is the racial makeup of tattoo lovers. According to the infographic, white and African Americans populations have just about the same percentage of tattoos (20% and 21% respectively). Hispanics, however, have a 30% rate of tattoos, far outpacing the other racial groups listed.

Here in North Houston, we have a large Hispanic population. Since statistics show that about 11% of those with tattoos get them removed, we’re thinking that means there are a good proportion of Hispanics who may be regretting their decision to get inked.

We invite anyone who wants to get rid of a tattoo to come in for a consultation with one of our tattoo laser removal specialists. We can look at your tattoo and give you an honest and clear estimate on the amount of sessions you’ll need, the cost of the treatment and what results you can expect.

Terrible Celebrity Tattoos

Luckily for many people who regret some unfortunate and embarrassing tattoos, they don’t have to be permanent. Heretattoologo are some celebrities with truly terrible tattoos. Hopefully they smarten up and get the memo about laser tattoo removal.

Cher has large angel wings on her butt.

Stevo has a huge misshapen self portrait on his back

Megan Fox has a wacky quote about butterflies “We will all laugh at gilded butterflies”

Angelina Jolie and the infamous (and hideous) butterfly tattoo

Stephen Baldwin’s HM, for Hannah Montana of course

Nichole Richie’s “Virgin” on her wrist

Reggie Miller’s sun tattoo around his belly button

Jamie Fox’s tribal tattoo disaster

Pamela Anderson’s barbed wire around her arm and non-sensical tribal design down her chest

Mike Tyson’s head

Rita Ora’s huge pink dove on her neck

Christina Ricci’s lion/cloud/ghost on her shoulder

Mena Suvari has a giant lion on her neck with the words “Word, sound, power”

Girl’s star Zosia Mamet has a huge heart on her palm