24 Hour Waiting Period for Tattoos

LIKE-us-on-Facebook-964The days of hitting the tequila too hard and waking up with a mysterious surprise tattoo may be coming to to an end in some areas of the country. Washington D.C. is proposing a 24 hour waiting period on tattoos. If the city gets their way, tattoo artists will have to wait 24 hours before they can tattoo a client.

Understandably, many tattoo shops are up in arms about the proposed law, stating it will harm business and the industry is being over regulated. The potential new regulation is aimed at people that may not be in the right frame of mind to get a tattoo; those heavily under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The DC Health Department said the proposed regulation is also aimed at reducing the cases of Hepatitis B and other potential risks. Washington D.C. isn’t the only area considering this new law. South Florida and Indiana are also rumored to be entertaining this law, but as of now nothing is official.


How Soon can You Remove Your Tattoo?

021Did you get a truly terrible tattoo that needs to be off immediately? Whether the effect of hitting the tequila too hard or just an unskilled tattoo artist, some people are so unhappy with their new tattoos that they want them gone now. 

If your reason is the latter, all hope may not be lost. Many tattoo artists are skilled in fixing other’s mistakes, and assuming you wanted that tattoo in the first place, do your research to find a good artist that can fix your botched tattoo.

If your tattoo was a mistake that you want removed immediately, there is some difference of opinions in the tattoo removal industry. Some feel that it is safe to remove the tattoo immediately, although it won’t be any more effective than if you were to wait awhile. The more prevalent thought is to wait six weeks after getting the tattoo so the skin isn’t as sensitive. Treating your ink too soon increases the risks of adverse effects, obviously something you don’t want.

Removing Amateur Tattoos

Laser-Tattoo-Removal-21If you have an amateur tattoo that you would like to be removed, consider yourself lucky. Amateur tattoos (a tattoo not done by a professional, often times done by friends or perhaps in jail) are usually easier to remove than professional tattoos because of ink quality and method used.

Amateur tattoos are easier to remove because the ink usually isn’t imbedded as deeply and the ink isn’t as good of quality. Sometimes pen ink, ashes from burnt newspaper and crushed up lead is used to make ink (yikes!) making is not quite as permanent as professional quality.

Sometimes (though of course not always) people with amateur tattoos will need less laser treatments than those with professional tattoos. Luckily for you, that hand drawn Tweety Bird on your ankle that your friend did for you in his basement might not have to be as permanent as you thought.

By Elizabeth Threadgill

Waiting period to get a tattoo?

The following is about making people wait 24 hours before they can get their tattoo, brought to us by:  The Blaze online magazine.

Individuals hoping to emblazon their bodies with tattoo art may have to endure a mandatory 24-hour waiting period, if a proposition by the city’s Health Department is adopted.

“The licensee or operator of a body art establishment shall ensure that no tattoo artist applies any tattoo to a customer until after twenty-four hours have passed since the customer first requested the tattoo,” reads a portion of a new set of regulations from the federal city’s Department of Health.

Najma Roberts, a spokeswoman for the Department of Health, defended the proposed regulationin an interview with the Washington Post, saying it will help prevent “serious health risks.”

Deciding Where To Put Your Tattoo Could Have Big Consequences

For most people, the most important part of the tattoo decision-making process is what to have inked onto their skin. Tattoos are a permanent marking, so whatever you get, you’d better make sure you are willing to live with it for life; otherwise, you may be coming to us for tattoo laser removal services later!

Another big decision is where to place your tattoo on your body. This is important for many reasons. Chiefly, the area you choose will impact the pain you will experience during the procedure, since certain areas of the body are much more sensitive than others. Also, whether or not your tattoo is visible could affect how others judge you and even whether or not you get hired.

If you place a tattoo in a highly visible location, such as the face, neck or hands, you may be at a disadvantage when you sit down for a job interview. There are also many jobs that do not allow visible tattoos (including some major police departments), which could hurt your employment prospects further.

We’re not in any position to judge what type of tattoo you get or where you put it on your body. We do however, meet many people who later regretted getting highly visible tattoos. They come to us asking for tattoo laser removal, which costs time and money.

How Tattoo Removal Lasers Work

b4afterEver wondered just exactly how lasers remove those stubborn tattoos? Well wonder no more. Newer laser tattoo removal techniques can help eliminate your unwanted tattoo with limited side effects and are very safe, but people are curious to know exactly how they work. Can they really get rid of those horrible spring break reminders from decade ago?

Lasers work to eliminate tattoos by breaking up pigment with a high intensity light beam. This light beam is energy that passes safely through the skin and directly hits the tattoo. The tattoo absorbs the light energy and breaks apart as a result. Your body takes it from there and naturally and safely removes these excess color particles.

After several laser sessions your unwanted  tattoo will be well on it’s way to pulling a disappearing act. Some colors can only be treated by specific lasers, while black (being the easiest color to remove) is absorbed by all laser wavelengths. For the record, yellow and white pigment are typically the most difficult colors to remove.

Skin Rejuvenation vs Botox

agespot2There’s no question about it, aging is a hot topic in today’s society. Anyone with wrinkles is trying to get rid of them, and anyone lucky (or young) enough not to have them is worried about preventing them. Lasers (skin rejuvenation) and Botox are popular choices in tools for the battle of aging. They can have their similarities but are very different from each other.

For those living under a rock, Botox is a form of botulism (essentially poison) that is injected into the skin and paralyzes the muscle. As a result the muscle can’t move the skin and wrinkles and crows feet relax. It typically lasts from 4-6 months and has some potentially nasty side effects like drooping eyelids, headaches and temporary bruising at the injection site. Botox can be used to treat existing wrinkles or as a preventative measure.

Laser skin rejuvenation works much differently than Botox. Lasers remove the top layers of the skin, and the new skin that forms is tighter and firmer than it previously was. Side effects are uncommon but can include blistering and sunburn if newly treated skin is not protected from the sun.

Unlike Botox who’s positive effects will only last months, skin rejuvenation is a much longer lasting option. Botox can freeze wrinkles but won’t improve the surface of your skin the way skin rejuvenation will.

By Elizabeth Threadgill

What Can Skin Rejuvenation do for You?

Skin RejuvenationThey say that growing older is a privilege not reserved for everyone. That may be true but no matter how lucky we may be to be getting older no one wants to look it! Luckily today we have many resources at our fingertips to reduce the signs of aging, and laser skin rejuvenation is a powerful too.

Skin rejuvenation can be used to treat all sorts of annoying skin problems, not just those associated with aging. It can

  • Tighten loose skin
  • Reduce skin discolorations
  • Decrease age and sun spots
  • Slow the onset of crows feet and wrinkles
  • Regular treatments may help slow the loss of skin elasticity

Skin rejuvenation is a great choice for people that want to make a change but want something safe and non-invasive. It is safe and cleared for the FDA and there’s no risk of an overzealous surgeon pulling your face too tight! Give North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal a call and see for yourself what the laser can do for you!