On The Job Market? Your Tattoo May Be Making A Bad First Impression

Even though the economy is beginning to pick up, jobs are still not easy to come by in many industries. In this highly North Houston Laser Tattoo Removalcompetitive environment, job seekers know that first impressions are even more critical than ever. While it’s important to practice that firm handshake and “dress for success”, some job seekers are going to even farther lengths, such as dying gray hair or removing tattoos, in order to make a good first impression.

Many people view tattoos negatively and immediately make judgments about those who are tattooed, especially if a tattoo is large, in a highly visible place or contains violent or graphic imagery.

If those people happen to be on the other side of the interview table when you come looking for a job, it may not matter how much experience you have or what a great candidate you are – your tattoo will do all the talking for you.

It’s unfortunate that the world works this way, but that doesn’t change reality. Tatted up job seekers who are looking for careers in a professional and polished environment may find that the phone isn’t exactly ringing off the hook from prospective employers.

In some cases, laser tattoo removal may help improve a candidates chances of getting a job or at least avoiding an unconscious negative bias that employers may have about tattoos. Obviously, this is not a decision that should be made impulsively. If you feel that your tattoo is a part of who you are or expresses something very important, than a job probably isn’t worth losing that part of yourself.

However, if your tattoo no longer represents who you really are and you feel that it is holding you back from landing a good job, then tattoo laser removal may help even the playing field between you and other job candidates.

Just make sure you take the time to learn about what laser tattoo removal entails as far as time, results and pricing (you can learn all about these factors by reading this blog). For one thing, if you’re looking to get rid of that huge skull and crossbones on your neck for your job interview tomorrow, sorry, but it’s just not going to happen. Most tattoos require multiple sessions in order to fully remove, which includes healing time between each session.

Additionally, laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. If you’re unemployed and on a tight budget, you might be better off investing in a long-sleeve blouse or a nice turtleneck, at least until you get a job and can save up for laser tattoo removal.

Lastly, removing a tattoo won’t guarantee that the job offers start pouring in; it just might help you make a better first impression, which usually leads to good things.

What to Expect from Laser Tattoo Removal

Steps to Tattoo RemovalYou will be asked to fill out some basic paperwork regarding your general health and some questions that will help us determine what skin type you have.

After the paper work is assessed we will discuss the procedure and go over any other questions that you might have.  Next Step is that we will take some photos of your tattoo so we can track your removal progress.

Then we will start cooling the area to be treated with the Zimmer Cryo unit, you can do this yourself it the site of the tattoo allows this.  Sometimes if the customer holds the cooling hose it can help take your mind off the laser treatment.

Next, we will have you put on some really cool  glasses that protect your eyes from the laser light.   When you are ready we will “zap” the tattoo one or two times to let you know how it feels.   Once you know how it feels and if the site is numb we will then begin the removal.  It is very fast…

After treatment, our staff will evaluate your tattoo and then apply some antibiotic ointment and place a bandage over the tattoo.  Then we will go over the after care instructions and give you a copy of the instructions as well.

In 4-5 weeks, once your skin has completely healed you will come back for your next session where the process is the same..

How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take?

That arm sleeve of tats seemed like a great idea when you were young and definitely going to make it as a rock star no matter what your mother said. Fifteen years later, you’re getting tired of wearing long sleeves to the office every day and sweaters whenever you have dinner with the in-laws.

Your life has changed. It’s easy enough to pack up your drum set, shave off the Mohawk and box up that leather jacket that drove the girls crazy. It’s a little harder to get your skin back, but not impossible.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we specialize in wiping away the past and giving you a new start with your skin.

One of the most common questions we get from customers is, “how long does tattoo removal take?”

The answer depends on a number of factors, but in most cases it will require more than one treatment. The size of your tattoo, its age, and the amount of ink used will all affect how many treatments you’ll need. Obviously, smaller tattoos come off easier, as do simple line drawings that are not filled in with color.

To give you a sense, a black lettered tattoo will usually take around five treatments to remove. Larger tattoos, such as an arm sleeve may take up to fifteen treatments to remove. Warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows are easier to remove than cool colors like blues, purples and blacks, so that will also affect the number of treatments you’ll need.

If you want a more accurate estimate of how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo, it’s best to stop by our shop so that we can take a look. Once we see your tattoo, we’ll be able to give you a relatively accurate assessment of how many treatments it will take to remove

Ready to finally banish the tattoos of your youth? Give us a call at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal at (281) 440-GONE.

Arm Tattoo Removal Testimonial

I had a tattoo on my arm that was not a good idea when going out to apply for jobs.  So I came to North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal and they were so nice and now my arm is Tattoo free.  I love having a tattoo but just in a better spot.   Mark – Houston

Getting Rid of old Tattoos?

bad tattoosYour ex-boyfriend Ted may be long gone, but that tattoo of his name encased in a big heart on your lower back is almost as annoying as the real thing! You’re ready to move on, and that means wiping the slate clean – literally.

If you come into North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we will help kick the Ted tattoo to the curb, using our advanced Q-Switched laser, which produces short pulses of light energy to break up the ink trapped beneath your skin.

Many of our customers ask us how painful the laser removal treatment will be. Our answer is that it’s no picnic. Lasers are not known for being cloud-soft. With that said, almost all of our clients agree that removing the tattoo is much less painful than getting the tattoo. At least we’re not jabbing you over and over with a needle.

The pain of the laser tattoo removal procedure will depend on your personal pain tolerance as well as the size of the tattoo. Most of our customers describe the feeling of the procedure as somewhat uncomfortable.

We’ll do our best to get Ted off your back with as little pain as possible using our Zimmer Cryo unit to cool the area being treated. While the procedure itself won’t be overly pleasant, our clients are usually surprised at how little pain they feel after the procedure.

In all honesty, if you were tough enough to get the tattoo in the first place and to finally break things off with Ted (we agree that he was never really going to change), then getting his name off of your skin shouldn’t be too difficult to endure. You’ll just need to hold tight through a little discomfort, and soon Ted will be gone for good.

For more information on laser tattoo removal in Houston, call North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal at 281.440.GONE or visit us online at www.NorthHoustonLaserTattooRemoval.com.