Tattoo removal up 440% over the last decade

Tattoo RemovalMore and more people are getting their tattoos removed by laser for a variety of reasons.

“The tattoo removal industry is still growing and expected to hit $83.2 million over the next four years, keeping pace with growth in the overall tattoo industry, according to research firm IBISWorld. Revenue for the industry overall is estimated to be $3.4 billion in 2014, an annualized growth rate of just 2.9%, though there is strong demand for tattoos with intricate designs, such as 3-D tattoos, says IBISWorld lead analyst Andy Brennan. There are nearly 8,000 tattoo businesses in the U.S., with no dominant player.

Tattoo removal can also be a public statement. Griffith was recently photographed leaving a skin specialist in West Hollywood with a bandage on her right arm and was also photographed with the outline of the heart-shaped tattoo, but the name of her estranged husband almost erased. American teens may also find a cautionary tattoo tale in pop star Justin Bieber and check their smartphones to see if he will remove a tattoo on his wrist that bears a striking resemblance to his former girlfriend Selena Gomez.” Quoted from

Click the link above to read more about what Market Watch has to say about how the tattoo removal industry has gown over the last 10 years,  so if you want to find out more or get a quote on getting your tattoo removed Contact us and submit a picture of your tattoo.


The First Step is Free to Tattoo Removal

Scan and CallYou have heard so many things about getting your tattoo removed and now you think it is time to find out the truth for yourself.   The first step is getting a consultation and that step is free.   You need to find out what it will take from your time and money to get that really bad tattoo removed permanently.

There are many reasons why people get the tattoo in the first place and then usually even better reasons why they want to get it removed.   You may only want to get part of a tattoo removed so you can have it redone.  Or an entire tattoo removed for work related reasons.   The best way is to call and set up a free consultation or you can to the request quote form and fill it out and send a picture,  Make sure it is a .jpg file and not super large so we can see what we need to look at

Have a Tattoo in a Bad Place?

Tattoos removed from arms and handsYour tattoo is not in a good place now that you are in a different stage of your life.   The tattoos on your hand looked good when you were 21 but now that you are 40 and in a responsible job those hand tattoos are a problem for your overall presentation.

Or maybe you decided to have a skeleton tattoo on your forearm and you are sick of wearing long sleeve shirts for work…it is time to get those arm or hand tattoos removed by laser.  At North Houston Laser Tattoo removal you can get your tattoos removed by laser. The procedure is safe and you will be amazed at the results.


Remove an Old Section of Your Tattoo by Laser

When you got that tattoo you were all excited and you decided over time to add more to that tattoo.   Maybe the new sections of your tattoo look way better than what you already had and now you cannot decide what to do.  So you think maybe I can get that other part touched up or get a cover tattoo, but that does not always look good. Another option would be to have the older sections of your tattoos removed completely and then start all over again.

We have seen tattoos that have been added to and the older parts look really bad now and just touching them up make them look worse. The Laser is used to remove the color from the skin and it is controlled to the designated areas.

So this is a great way to clean up and section and then have the same tattoo artist from the new tattoo go back in there and add some new ink art that looks better with your new ink art. Give us a call at  281.440.GONE(4663) and we can set up a free consultation. Or send us a request with the picture of the tattoo.

Get a TattooRemoved that Represents a Bad Time in your Life

Tattoo RemovalSometimes young teens get into trouble and start getting tattoos as the following story about Susan.  She this story and maybe we all know someone like this and during that time in their life they got tattoos that now bring back bad memories.

Susan got the tattoos just as her life started spinning out of control — about the time she  got into drugs and started living on the street. For more than 10 years, she led a life of addiction, culminating in jail time for attempted murder after a drug deal gone bad.

There are many people that have done things and in the process got tattoos that reflect their lifestyle or decisions at the time, and now they want them removed.  Good thing there are options for removal of tattoos with the laser option being one of the best. Let us know what and we can give you a free quote on getting your tattoo removed.

Stopped Half-way on Tattoo now it Needs to be Removed

laser Tattoo RemovalSometimes the pain of a tattoo is just too much and the tattoo artist has to stop part way through. Or maybe you got a tattoo years ago just to get one and they artist knew you could not stand the pain so he went really fast and just threw something on you.

Someone may even have started a tattoo years ago and never had the money to finish it and now it looks terrible and it is time t get that tattoo removed completely. Well now you can get that tattoo removed. let us know and fill out the request for quote form. We will get right back to you and get that partial or ugly tattoo taken removed.

Strange Tattoo Stories

A happily married man decided to have a full portrait of his 2 daughters and wife on his back,  the tattoo covered his entire back, just to find out his wife was cheating on him with a fitness instructor while he was getting the tattoo done.  Good reason to get it removed.

A man bought a Mini Cooper for himself and then had “Mini” tattooed on his penis.  What was he thinking?

A thief was caught because the he was caught on video with his name and date of birth tattooed on his neck.

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