Are Homemade Tattoos Easier To Remove?

Laser-Tattoo-RemovalWe’ve all been young, impulsive, and broke, so it’s no surprise that homemade tattoos are a popular phenomenon.

The upsides to homemade tattoos are that they are cheap and usually come with a good story. The downside, however, is that many people come to regret their homemade tattoos pretty quickly. Usually these tattoos are not notable for their skill, and it’s not uncommon to hear stories of words misspelled or objects so poorly drawn that a tattoo turns into a constant guessing game.

Luckily, some homemade tattoos come off readily with professional tattoo removal techniques. The easiest types of homemade tattoos to remove are those made using the needle prick method. This is where the design is drawn on your skin and a sterilized needle is used to make many small pricks in the skin. Ink is then smeared into the wounds. The ink in needle prick tattoos is usually close to the surface of your skin, which means the laser will easily be able to penetrate your dermis and break up the ink. Since less ink is typically used it also breaks up in fewer laser tattoo removal sessions.

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How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Well, we take a scalpel and…just kidding! At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we get rid of your ink using good old fashioned science. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll assess your tattoo and provide you with an estimate on how many sessions you will likely need and what the approximate cost will be for the full treatment (see our previous blog posts on the cost and timing of laser tattoo removal).
On your first appointment, you’ll meet our Q-Switched laser, which is the main tool we use to get rid of your tattoo. We’ll give you special glasses to protect your eyes and then apply the laser to your tattoo.
The laser works by producing pulses of light energy. The light passes through your skin, hits the ink below and breaks up or “shatters” the ink. This doesn’t happen all at once. Clients may need to come in for multiple visits.
As the ink is shattered, your body will naturally absorb it and flush it out of your system. After each treatment, we ask that you keep the treated area covered for three days and regularly apply an antibiotic. We also strongly suggest that you avoid pools or baths, though showers are okay.
You should know that there are several different tattoo removal lasers on the market. Some of the lower-quality brands aren’t able to fully break own difficult tattoos. They don’t apply as much light energy and can’t reach the deep ink.
Lucky for you that at North Houston Laser Removal, we use the best laser possible, which means that when you sign on with us, your tattoo is as good as gone.
If you’re worried about the pain of the procedure or the cost, be sure to read our previous blog posts on those topics. If you still have questions about how our treatment works, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (281) 440-GONE. One of our friendly technicians would be happy to explain more or to help you schedule an initial consultation.

Is It Possible To Remove your Fancy Tattoo

Your  fancy tattoo seemed like such a good idea at the time, but now it may not have the same meaning for you.
Many women take the plunge and go for creative fancy tattoos, which is, in essence, a procedure that tattoos desings onto a women’s body. Most women love the outcome, but, of course there are those who, for one reason or another, suddenly wish their exotic tatttoo wasn’t so permanent.Steps to Tattoo Removal
 However, it is usually not cheap or easy, and there are side effects.
If you choose to receive laser removal treatments to lose your tattoo, be aware that we will be applying a laser to very delicate areas of your body. The removal may require multiple treatments, and you could see redness and swelling as a result of the treatment. The treatment itself will also be somewhat uncomfortable (see our previous blog post about the pain of laser tattoo removal).
In a small amount of cases, the treatment area may develop scars. This is your body we’re talking about, so be aware of all the risks involved before you agree to the procedure.
If you are considering removing your tattoo, we strongly suggest scheduling an initial consultation to speak with one of our knowledgeable technicians. They can make a recommendation based on your individual case and give you a price estimate as well as an estimate on the amount of sessions it will take to remove your tattoo.
For more information about tattoo removal, give us a call at (281) 440-GONE.

How Much Does Tattoo Removal Cost?

Some of the mistakes we make in life are permanent. Fortunately, tattoos don’t fall into that category. It is possible to remove almost any tattoo regardless of location, size, coloring or age.

Unfortunately, laser tattoo removal isn’t cheap. You didn’t think it would cost you pennies to get rid of that huge unicorn on your chest did you? (Another reason never to make big bets while drinking heavily)

The cost of tattoo removal will depend on a variety of factors including the size of the tattoo, the amount of ink used, the age of the tattoo and even the specific colors. Larger tattoos will require more and longer treatments, which will – not surprisingly – increase your overall bill. Warm colors like reds, yellows and oranges come off a little easier than cooler colors like blues, blacks and purples. The more ink in your tattoo, the more costly it will be to remove it all.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we use a state-of-the-art laser and well-trained technicians in order to give our clients the best result for their money.

To give you somewhat of an idea of the cost of laser tattoo removal, a small 2 X 2” tattoo will cost approximately $90 per treatment. Keep in mind that most tattoo removals require between five and fifteen treatments. Again, size and ink usage will play a big role in how much each individual treatment costs and how many treatments the tattoo requires.

The best way to figure out how much it’s going to cost you to never see that unicorn again is to drop by our office and let one of our technicians take a look. When we assess your tattoo, we’ll be able to tell you how many treatments we think it will take and an approximate cost per treatment.

We also offer discounts if you pre-pay for your treatment.

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Tattoo Permanence: A thing of The Past!

Before, people would ink up their bodies with symbols, words- various markings if you will without a doubt in their minds that they’d have it on their bodies forever. Nowadays, we live with such technological advancements that we are able to remove said markings with a couple of easy procedures.

Remember, I said easy and not painless. Haha! These procedures showcase the future. They include methods such as dermabrasion, TCA, salabrasion, crysurgery, laser remocal, and excision. The most important and popular is, however, laser removal. It is the least painful and most sought after for its grand results.

These results are miraculous to say the least. At each session, the tattoo pigment decreases, leaving the skin as rejuvenated as ever before. The tattoo is lightened over time until it has completely diminished from sight. It is truly an extraordinary thing. No longer must one suffer in silence with regret over a youthful mistake or silly misstep in life. Tattoo permanence is a thing of the past.

We now have state of the art machinery such as the Duality tattoo removal laser that produces a 1 joule pulse of 1064 nm energy to remove dark tattoos. We also now have the Astanza laser that also provides maximum power, sufficient to break down the ink of those difficult to remove tattoos.

These machines contribute to the success of laser tattoo removal. The machinery isn’t the only factor that does though. Others include the patients’ immune system, hydration, sleep, a healthy weight, a well balanced diet, exercise, and being a non smoking person. Although these factors aid in the healthy removal of tattoos, one must also remember what the treatment entails as well. It encompasses some pain. The pain can be categorized as discomfort. It is tolerable (or at least stated to be). It is said to be similar to hot oil. Many require some form of anesthetic to dull or mask the pain. Other bypass the anesthetic and simply take the pain as it comes.

Regardless, it is safe to say that tattoo removal is an innovation of the future. Whether painful or not, no matter which machine you use, it is a gift to mankind. Tattoos are no longer a thing of permanence. You can choose to live your life freely! Tattoo permanence is a thing of the past!



Full Back Tattoo Removed from Body Builder

Competitive Bodybuilders need to show off the work they have done to build a very defined body and in competitions a large tattoo can get in the way of showing of the details in their back muscles and other parts of the body.

Laser Tattoo Removal - Before

Laser Tattoo Removal – Before

Laser Tattoo Removal - After

Laser Tattoo Removal – After


The following is a testimonial from a Patrick, Professional Bodybuilder, 2017 Mr. USA Champion:

“Visiting North Houston Tattoo Removal was one the best decisions I’ve ever made.   I got my tattoos when I was younger, not knowing I would choose to be a competitive bodybuilder later in life.  I noticed that when I would compete, the tattoos would cover up the true definition my body had.

Well, North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal took care of that problem!!  Extremely professional and clean facility.  My tattoo was completely removed with no scarring at all.

It made a huge difference for me when it was time to compete again!!.  Definitely will be returning to have them remove the remaining tattoos.

Getting Rid Of Life’s Mistakes and Tattoo Removal

tattoo_removalWe all make mistakes in life, some more permanent than others. You may never be able to live down the shame of what happened when your “night out with the guys” escalated into a drinking marathon (especially if pics and videos were posted on Facebook), but at least you can get rid of the tattoo of your ex-girlfriend’s face, which you discovered on your arm the next morning.

Okay, most people don’t have quite that type of experience, but there are many individuals who come to regret their tattoos for one reason or another. Luckily, your tattoo doesn’t have to be permanent.

At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal we’ve seen and erased it all – the names of ex-wives, a bleeding skull that doesn’t make for very good boardroom conversation, misspelled quotes, tribal armbands that have faded in color and significance, etc…

Using the most advanced laser in the industry, we can get rid of almost any tattoo regardless of color, location on the body and age. Our Q-Switched laser works with precision, using short pulses of light to break up the ink under your skin, which will be naturally absorbed and flushed from your body.

The process certainly isn’t a walk in the park, but it works. You can expect mild discomfort and will likely need to come in for multiple sessions (depending on the size, age and amount of ink used in the design).   In the end, however, a little pain and a couple of trips are a small price to pay to get your skin back free of that bare-chested mermaid that you don’t want your young children asking about.