There is no Safe way to Pursue Tattoo Dermabrasion

Although most tattoos have some memory or meaningful reason behind them, some of them are not particularly well thought-out. Fortunately, laser removal offers a safe, quick, and efficient way to help you get rid of regrettable or misguided tattoos, though some people still pursue other procedures, like dermabrasion.

In general, all tattoo removal procedures hold some degree of risk, despite great improvements over the years. Unfortunately, non-laser treatments do not work as well, and tend to be quite dangerous, leaving the patient with harmful, and sometimes, permanent side effects.

Dermabrasion tattoo removal, as the name suggests, is one of the extremely invasive techniques used before the advent of laser removal procedures, yet some people still pursue it today in the hope that it will help to remove their tattoo. This technique literally abrades the skin, as the user relies on salt crystals, sterilized sandpaper, diamond wheel, wire brush, or other mechanical means to sand down or scrape away the skin. The patient suffers a considerable amount of pain, so it can only be performed under local anesthetic.

If you are still not convinced that this is not the right way to remove a tattoo, dermabrasion removes several layers of skin – deep enough to get rid of the tattoo. This injures the dermis, which does not renew itself, leading to scarring, bleeding, discoloration, and even an infection. It also takes months to heal properly, yet you may not get the desired effect.

How to Correct your Permanent Face Tattoos

There are many growing trends in the health and beauty industry, including cosmetic tattooing or permanent makeup. Individuals without eyebrows, faint eyebrows or partial eyebrows rely on cosmetic tattoos to enhance their look. Similar services include the lip tattoo, which helps to define the lip line and reduce “lipstick bleed”, and eyeliner tattoo for those who don’t want to use an eye pencil every day.

However, these eyebrow tattoos tend to fade, discolor, or change their original shape with time, forcing you to rely on heavy makeup or big sunglasses to avoid embarrassment. Some people prefer to go for corrective measures, such as color adjustment or shape adjustment.

The former is used when the shape of the lip, eyebrow tattoo is still okay but the color is poor, so a corrective pigment color is tattooed over the faded makeup. Shape adjustment involves additional makeup tattooing to enhance the shape, balance, or symmetry of uneven permanent makeup on lips or eyebrows

For those who want a face tattoo removed, then they should consider using the MedLite C-6 laser technique. This procedure is safe, and leads to the permanent removal of lip or eyebrow tattoos, though the number of procedures required depends on the amount of ink used, and how deep it was injected.

Tattoo Removal Creams – How Effective are they?

Tattoo removal discussions typically revolve around laser removal, abrasive formula, or DIY creams. Many people claim to know the best way forward, although their suggestions are neither based on their personal experiences, nor the opinions of expert clinicians or dermatologists.

Do not be fooled that any of the tattoo removal creams on the market can help you get rid of your tattoo. They are neither safe, nor effective. Reason? When you get a tattoo, the ink pigment is embedded below your skin’s epidermal layer, beyond the reach of any tattoo removal cream.

Tattoo creams contain chemicals such as TCA, Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, and Hydroquinone, which are intended to dissolve the tattoo from your skin, but they don’t work. Some of these products contain bleaching agents or highly caustic trichloroacetic acid, which can actually harm your skin.

It is unfortunate that anyone buying these creams is only wasting their money. The only way to remove a tattoo, without damaging your skin, is through a laser procedure, which breaks up the ink pigment into micro particles that the body can safely remove – on its own – allowing the tattoo to lighten progressively.

Caring for your Skin after Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Remodel

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo regret is becoming rather common these days, and while there is no overnight removal treatment, it is possible to speed up the process. Depending on the type of laser technology used to remove your tattoo, the healing and recovery times can vary considerably.

Usually, for the first 30-minutes after your laser tattoo removal treatment, the tattoo will appear pale or white with slight swelling. It may also leave a hot, sunburn effect for a short while, and will probably remain red and swollen for a good part of the day, with possible pinpoint bleeding in areas that were heavily pigmented. Your doctor should prescribe an effective non-sensitizing antibiotic ointment to prevent scarring and help in healing, as well as pain medication to ensure comfort after the procedure.

How you care for your skin after removing a tattoo is more or less the same as when you had the tattoo. It is important that you cleanse the skin gently, and apply an antibiotic treatment to hasten the treatment. Don’t pick or irritate the skin after treatment, and keep checking for signs of infection, like unusual pain, swelling, and redness, so you can inform your doctor.

Tattoo Removal before a Tattoo Re-do

Before Tattoo Redo after Removal

Before Tattoo Redo after Removal

After Tattoo Removal and Redo

After Tattoo Removal and Redo











The time may come that you need to have a tattoo removed to have it redone. There may be a name or a picture of someone that needs to be taken off before the new tattoo that you want will look good.

Let us know and come see us for a free consultation. Fill out the contact us form and we can give you a quote or have you come in for a free consultation.

One Group Is Helping Liberate Women From Their Prison Tattoos

Remove Bad TattooMany men and women choose to get tattooed while incarcerated, but these prison inks come at a price. Prison tattoos are created using crude, improvised tools, and it is unlikely that the tattooer happens to be artistically trained. The result is often a poor quality tattoo that can stigmatize the prisoner when they finish their sentence and return to the outside world.

In Poland, a social rehab center call Pedagogium The College of Social Sciences has been helping female prisoners integrate back into the general population in a very unique way. In partnership with creative agency Isobar Poland, the program covers up women’s jail tattoos with professional, beautiful “Freedom Tattoos.”

Here is an incredible video about the program. Get out some tissues!

Of course, this amazing program can’t possibly help everyone with a prison tattoo they regret. Also, not every person may want to cover up a prison tattoo with another tattoo. Some would prefer to remove the tattoo altogether. At North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, we can help you clean away the slate of your prison years…at least where your tattoo is concerned!

Make Sure The Tattoo Removal Place is Legitimate & Safe

There are so many places in the Houston area that say they remove tattoos, but you need to make sure that they follow all procedures for safe tattoo removal.  If they offer to give you a pain killer injection like lidocaine before the procedure that is a really big no no.

Also make sure you look at reviews for a tattoo removal salon before you go to get your tattoo removal done.   There are a couple of tattoo removal places that have bad reviews and make false claims about how many tattoos they have actually removed.  You may want to take notice of how long they have been at one location or if they have been moving locations often.

North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal in Houston will take very good care of you and they will be honest about what they can or cannot do with your current tattoo.  It is important that you get the outcome that you want and you are safe through the process.   Call today for free consultation. 281.440.GONE (4663)

Worst Tattoo Decisions For Employment – Facial and Neck Tattoos

It’s 2015, and even though tattoos are becoming more mainstream than ever, many employers aren’t ready to hire employees with certain tattoos. In most cases, if an employee can cover a tattoo and the tattoo itself isn’t offensive, there won’t be a problem. This means most shoulder, back, hip, and other private tattoos are safe.

Face and neck tattoos are another story.

Many jobs are customer/client facing in one way or another, and even small facial tattoos can be off-putting and hurt a business’s image. Current law allows employers to discriminate against potential job applicants based on visible tattoos or to even fire employees if they get a visible tattoo.

If you want to build a career for yourself in a traditional industry, facial and neck tattoos can significantly hurt your chances of getting your foot in the door and getting promoted. If you have a facial or neck tattoo that you feel is hurting your job prospects in 2015, give us a call at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.