Laser and Light Technology Procedures Top List Again

As most people are aware, laser technology is used for multiple dermatological purposes. The sheer volume (2.7 million) of laser, light, and other energy-based based dermatological procedures performed in the US last year is a proclamation of their efficacy and safety.

An article published last month on reported that laser tattoo removal is the fastest growing energy-based procedure in the United States.  According to, 109,641 tattoo removal procedures were performed last year which is 74% more than 2012.

So, if you’ve been unsure about the effectiveness and safety of laser tattoo removal, please take these numbers into account. If you have any questions about the laser tattoo removal procedure, please contact North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal at 281.440.GONE (4663)

Why Pope Francis Loves Laser Tattoo Removal

The Manchester Evening News recently reported that the same machine being used to remove your unwanted tattoo is being used to restore priceless statues in the Vatican.

Lynton Lasers, is the Cheshire, England based company hired by the Vatican for the restorative work. The company’s chairman Andy Charlton said that they also do restoration work on frescoes and paintings but much it’s much more complicated.  He went on to say that in the same way that the heat of tattoo removal lasers is controlled to prevent skin damage, the dirt and other pollutants are carefully removed without damaging the paint pigments beneath.

Whether or not think you think of your body as a priceless work of art, if you are planning to have a tattoo removed using laser technology, we hope you’ll find it reassuring knowing that laser tattoo removers are being trusted with some of the most valuable works of art in the world.

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Laser Tattoo Removal is Effective & Safe, Proper Aftercare is Essential

Although laser tattoo removal is effective and safe, proper aftercare is essential to minimize discomfort or undesirable results.   Astanza, the manufacturer of the laser which we use here at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal, provides a detailed list of laser tattoo removal aftercare dos and don’ts on their website    Here’s an abbreviated list:

  • Keep the affected area covered with a thin layer of antibiotic ointment and a sterile gauze for the first 3 days. After 3 days, keep the area clean and dry for the remainder of the healing process.  If you do wash the affected area, clean it gently and pat dry.
  • To reduce pain and discomfort and swelling, apply cool compresses for the first 24 hours as often as needed. You can take acetaminophen-based pain reducers (e.g. Tylenol) but DO NOT TAKE ASPIRIN as it can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • To use itching, use Aquaphor, Vitamin E ointment, or hydrocortisone. Do not pick scabs or shave over the affected area as this increases the likelihood of scarring.
  • Wear a sunblock of at least SPF 25 for 3 months when out in the sun
  • See a physician as soon as possible if you see any signs of infection which Astanza describes as “honey-colored crusting, oozing, spreading redness”.

Whether you have recently had laser tattoo removal or are planning to have one removed, please take your aftercare very seriously to prevent issues with your skin and to ensure the best possible long-term results.  If you have any questions about the laser tattoo removal procedure, please contact North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal at 281.440.GONE (4663)


What Is Salabrasion Tattoo Removal?

Salabrasion is a procedure that has been done since antiquity in which the skin is sanded using an abrasive object such as a wood block with a compound of salt and water.  While it can be somewhat effective, infection and scarring are common side effects.  Multiple sessions are almost always necessary

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In contrast to the ancient salbrasion method, state of the art laser tattoo removal carries “minimal risk” ( ) and there is only “a slight chance that the treatment can leave you with a permanent scar”

If you would like more information regarding the pros and cons of the various methods of tattoo removal, feel free to give us a call at (281) 440-GONE(4664).

Removing the Street Tattoos to Get Away from Past

There are many situations that people who have been in gangs or situations where they have tattoos that mark their past.  Here are some examples of people getting their tattoos removed to leave the street behind.

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Spotless! Remove Dark Skin Spots

For years people have told you that you look much younger than you are. But lately, thanks to the age spots that have increasingly been appearing on your face and body, you feel like you’re carrying around a sign that says

“Hi, I’m Old.”

With the modern dermatological laser technology we use, removing these unwanted spots is actually quite simple. Within a few weeks, after just one treatment, the discolored skin will return to its normal color. It will be almost impossible to see where the removal was done. Using the same laser technology, we can also treat the following skin conditions:Sun Damage/ melasma

  • Birthmarks
  • Lentigo
  • Nevi
  • Freckles
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Discolorations in the epidermis or dermis

Sherry Not Cool With “I Love Mary”?

Unfortunately, tattoos often last longer than the love relationships they commemorate. Five years ago you thought you and Mary would be together for the rest of your lives.  But now you’re engaged to Sherry and having to see your pledge of love to your previous lover is an unpleasant and unnecessary jab to her heart that she will have to endure for the rest of your time together.

Unless you do something about it.   So this time, instead of showing your love by getting a tattoo, why not show it by removing the one that is hurting the one you now hold dear?

She’ll love you for it.  Give Laser Tattoo Removal a call for a free consultation.