Factors to Consider when Removing Tattoos

Every tattoo is different, and the number of laser tattoo removal sessions needed to successfully remove a tattoo can vary greatly depending on multiple variables.

Factors to Consider when Removing Tattoos

Factors to consider when removing tattoos:

  • Ink Color: Greens and blues more challenging than black and red inks. White ink can oxidize and turn darker once hit with the laser.
  • Age of Tattoo: Older tattoos are generally easier to remove and require less sessions than newer tattoos
  • Size of Tattoo: According to a 2010 study by the American medical association it was noted that larger tattoos over 12 inches in diameter require more sessions than smaller tattoos.
  • If you Smoke: The same study mentioned above also directly linked the negative effects of smoking on tattoo removal.  Regular smokers had a 70 percent lower rate of removal after ten sessions compared to their non-smoking counterparts.  This lower success rate is most likely related to smoking’s  direct effect on wound healing.
  • Location of Tattoo: Removal of your tattoo is harder in areas that have a limited vascular supply and slower healing.  Thus, tattoos on the feet, lower legs or hands require more sessions than tattoos on the chest and back.
  • Amount of Ink: The amount of ink used is another parameter that affects laser tattoo removal.  Professional tattoos have a greater density/volume of pigment that resides deeper in the skin.  On the other hand, amateur tattooing is usually uneven, superficial, and done with dramatically less ink.
  • Your Skin Type: Laser tattoo removal is more effective for individuals with lighter skin, because lighter skin does not significantly absorb laser light, most of the laser energy is focused on the tattoo pigment.  Darker skin absorbs a portion of laser light from the tattoo.  Also, most laser clinics adjust the laser accordingly on patients with darker skin to avoid unwanted side effects.

Send us a request for quote with the a picture of your tattoo and we can give you an estimate to have your tattoo removed.

Body Restore The Woodlands Closed & Referring Tattoo Removal

Body Restore The Woodlands had their business vandalized and they are closed for business.    Body Restore The Woodlands is now referring all of their clients to North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.  The prices are being honored by North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.  

If you had an appointment with Body Restore The Woodlands or need your tattoo removed give North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal a call or fill out the Request a Quote Form and you can send a picture of your tattoo in the form.   Sending in a picture helps us give you an accurate quote to remove your tattoo.

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Shedding the Past

tattoo_removalThere are many reasons that our customers come to us wanting to remove a tattoo. One of the most common is that the tattoo represents a certain stage in the person’s life that he or she has outgrown.

The beautiful thing about a life is that each of us is constantly evolving. Events and people

change us in ways big or small. A single epiphany can turn our lies in a completely different direction, or a new set of friends can give us new perspective. Time has a way of mellowing us out, and turning us toward the path we were meant to be on.

A tattoo is a permanent representation of who you are a specific time of your life. It may be the name of someone you think will be with you forever, it can be a raucous envelope-pushing display meant to demonstrate a rebellion against convention, it might even be something silly or crude that was done impulsively.

As usually happens, life has a way of changing us and sometimes a tattoo no longer fits our new selves. Maybe you found a different soul mate, discovered that there are other ways to rebel, or regret the impulsive tattoo that no longer fits who you are.

It’s easy to change and adapt our look to fit our changing personalities. Hair styles can easily be updated, new clothing can be bought, we can even refine our vocabulary and the people we choose to associate with.

Unfortunately, tattoos from the past don’t scrub off so easily, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to be stuck with your past forever. If you’re ready to move on, give us a call at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.

We own the most advanced type of laser, which can finally take off that last relic of your old life. Depending on the size, coloring and age of your tattoo, you may have to come in for multiple visits, but we can promise that we will get the tattoo off.

So, celebrate all of the changes that have occurred in your life, and accept that you’ll never be done changing and evolving. Take care in the way you represent yourself today (especially when it comes to permanent marks like tattoos), because you might be someone totally different next year, next month or even tomorrow.

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More People are Getting Tattoos Removed

More People are Getting Tattoos RemovedIt is a fact many people are getting their tattoos removed and nearly a third of people with tattoos regret getting one, according to a new survey.

The survey findings, presented at the annual meeting of the British Association of Dermatologists, showed that men were more likely to have tattoo regret than women.

Tattoo regret was also three times more likely among men if they got their tattoo before reaching age 16, according to the survey. Meanwhile, the demographic least likely to regret a tattoo was women who got their tattoo after age 21.

But even though tattoo regret was relatively common among the study participants, not even half of those with tattoo regret said that they would get it, or them, removed, the researchers found.

The survey included 580 responses (53 percent men, 47 percent women) from people ages 16 and older (half of them were older than age 40), who had visible tattoos and visited the dermatology department East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust over a six-month period.

Laser Tattoo Removal is the Most Effective

LIKE-us-on-Facebook-3057There are many different opinions out there about getting tattoos removed.  Many companies sell products that say they will fade tattoos.  Many experts say that the fading creams do not work very well or take a very long time to fade a tattoo.

It is best to find out from experts so give North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal a call and get your answers.  

If you need your tattoo removed you should look into laser removal.


Get Rid of Paid Ad Tattoo

There are companies that pay people to get tattoos on their body as advertisements.    You are required to have the tattoo for a period of time and for the payment received and then you can have it removed and the best way is by Laser.

If you are thinking about making money this way you now have the alternative to have it removed.  The ink is not as permanent as it used to be.

You can get a free consultation to have your tattoo ad removed at North Houston Laser Tattoo Removal.

Tattoo Nightmares – Reasons to Get Tattoos Removed

There is a show on spike TV that is called “Tattoo Nightmares”.  The artists on the show do tattoo re-dos, which are even better if you have the original tattoo at least partly removed or lightened.

Having your tattoo removed by laser helps to give you a better outcome for your new re-done tattoo.  North Houston Laser tattoo removal does many different types of tattoo removals and lightening an old tattoo is one of those services.

Examples of tattoo nightmares from the show that are great candidates for removal are the tattoos that people get put on their body as an advertisement for a company, like a strip club.  Companies pay for people to advertise their brand as a tattoo, however the pay for these tattoos is very low and you had one done to make money, it may be time now to get rid of by laser.  You can always get a real tattoo for yourself, but it is better to have the bad tattoo removed first.